Move your body, yeah! #BarAThon Day 3


I was agile and full of life.

I was in my 20s. Every morning I would wake up after snoozing the alarm for more than half an hour. Then realising I had got late, I would get ready and leave the house for work in a hurry. I had no time to cater to my body apart from giving it rest and filling it with food. I had no time to exercise. I told myself I was busy all day. I consoled myself with ‘Oh look, I do walk, walking after getting down from the cab to the elevators in the office building and then from elevator to my work station.’ I spent my weekends sleeping until late mornings and afternoon as a reward for all the hard work I did throughout the week. I considered my life a blessing so there was no need to change anything.

By the time I entered 30s, my body started showing signs of incessant fatigue and I worked out a solution of giving it more rest because by this time my body had made a life-long pact with rest and inertia. Any attempt to make it move at this stage only resulted in aches and pains making me think I must be getting it all wrong, hence it would be good to hire a trainer. I joined the best Gym in the vicinity, paying hefty fees towards the membership in the hope that the dwindling bank balance would give me the thrust to cross the Gym’s doors day after day. This did not work either. My body refused to budge from the couch and the bed. The couch and the mattresses, buried under a ton of weight, had their own stories to tell but who pays any heed to those. I took my academics  seriously in school and I had learnt that lesson very well  which said non-living objects do not feel anything. On growing up, I took my profession seriously always aiming for growth, horizontally and vertically. And so did my body. However, growth was a smaller ambition for it, it went for expansion.

Hitting late 30s brought varicose veins, blood clogs and the fear of my body shutting down completely. The money which earlier went to Gym membership now started getting channelised to the hospitals and pharma companies. Life-long medicines or operation became the choices at hand. The doctors cautioned, “Medicines alone will do no good, go out, move and exercise”. Thus it all came back to exercise.

In one philosophical state of mind, I was delving about the fragile lives we all lead in today’s times with sickness and other uncertainties looming large. What I did forget to consider was my sickness was a movie which had been long in the making.

This was the story of a dear one narrating his life to me. He is yet to touch 40.

What about you? Does exercise form a vital part of your daily schedule?

This post has been written for Day 3 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON

Today’s prompt is ‘Fragile Lives’

I am with Team #CrimsonRush


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  1. I think it’s hard to squeeze in time to workout with a full time job. But some kind of physical activity is important. I run my own company abs have regularly worked out for the last two years. I can feel the increase in stamina and self esteem due to that. One hour of workout is the best part of my day 🙂 Thankfully I have no health problems.


  2. I do respect my body. Doing 30 minutes yoga and some simple workouts for abdomen during every morning. Still doctors advice that 30 minutes brisk walking is must. Will have to start. Quite encouraging post, Anamika …….

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  3. Superb .. can relate to myself .. It started with back pain ; fatigue and the list goes on … I am a ” no-no medicine person ” but then I made friends with Volini and few others in league .
    It dawned on me when my then 4 year kid told me ..”Mumma if you will exercise you will not have back pain ” . This was it ! I had known this but probably I wasnt giving right reasons to myself to begin with ..I am so fortunate to have support of my husband to keep me company during otherwise boring walks .. And now its a non-negotiable part of my life ..
    Anamika di ; you are doing a great job ; so proud of you !


    1. I can understand, Ela, as mothers, stay-at-home or working, we have got a lots on our hands in everyday routine. We do so much for others but keep our own health on the back burner and even that burner is in a turned off stage. I am glad your daughter made you realise it and you have company in your husband in your walks. Keep it up.
      Thank you Ela for appreciating my effort which have made no sense if nobody is able to identify with it.


  4. I was getting worried this was your story ! I try and get a half hour elk every day, a few asanas and of course my regular sit-ups and bend downs looking after the babies. I know this is not enough and hope to rectify this soon


  5. A lot of us go through this dilemma of squeezing out time to exercise, especially people who are working, assuming that our busy lifestyle gives us enough exercise. I myself am struggling with it. Some amount of will power sees me going out for brisk walks sometimes. Your post is a gentle reminder that I need to be regular with that. Our lives are fragile indeed, an precaution is necessary to take care of them.


  6. Oh yes it does. Exercise has been a part of my life since when I was ten, maybe. Born fat, that’s what I was. Of course there have been gaps like the time I got married or later when I had kids but each time I’ve had to face unpleasant consequences and have gone right back to the gym. I’m not thin, never will be perhaps, but I am fitter than many people my age and weight and that’s what I’ll have to satisfy myself with.


  7. Eeks…that actually scared me silly! I am pretty unfit, considering I don’t exercise or diet! God save me! But every once-in-awhile I get these sudden panic attacks (like the one your post has just given me) and I start reading all about getting fit. Only putting all the knowledge into action seems a big barrier to cross!


  8. I could relate so much with the first half of the life is almost same.. learnt something from this post, that better late than never..Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  9. Oh I don’t! And if I don’t start soon, this is going to be me in some years. I need to exercise, I really do because I can already feel all the strength draining


  10. We tend to forget that we are mortal, just because some sicknesses hardly show any external symptoms! But we must open our eyes when they are visible. Health is too fragile to not care about!


  11. Did you just write about me!?! Sadly, I realized the importance of exercise and staying fit pretty late in life and I am still not so very committed to it, despite knowing everything! *SIGH*


  12. Ah……it might as well be me Anamika…My hubby says all the time, get up and exercise…I am an active person otherwise, running after two kids….but when I have time, I sit, blog, read, write and that’s it….Don’t know how to balance….:(


  13. Personally I think we give too much importance to exercise and diet – it’s become a fad to be in an exercise and diet regime. My grandmother lived to 90 never exercised and yet except for the last 2 months of her life she was healthy and as fit as one can be at that age Her secret was to not worry about life. Stress and worry bring on illnesses.


  14. This post seems like a warning to me. I am exactly like this. Though active, never spent time on excercise. Now, after entering 30s i feel my stamina is low. Fortunately i maintain healthy weight always due to family genes (touchwood) but i have to excercise to build the stamina.


  15. Sadly, that’s the state of most people today! Rapid aging! I hope your friend takes care of his health now.
    Yes, exercise is non-negotiable activity for me 🙂


  16. The net, the phones, the telly… so many temptations not to venture out for a lot of people these days. Thanks to the household gadgets, our chores at home are also less strenuous. And, oh the wonderful reasons we all give not to make exercise a priority!!! Most of us are gulity of this, to a greater or a lesser degree. I try to fit in my 3 km brisk walk and some stretching exercises every morning but I think I need to do much more. Your post did make me think about it!


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