Silent dilemma #BarAThon Day 2

Ask the 5-year- old about his fascination for Ravana’s 10 heads and he would tell he dislikes Ravana because he was a bad man.

Ask him which character from Ramayan does he like most and he would take the name Hanuman, the Monkey God. The explanation Monkey God is essential at all times.

Tell him he can talk to Hanumanji about what he has in his mind and he listens eagerly.

After a few days of standing with folded hands in front of the puja table and talking to his favourite God, he comes and tells me, “Mummy, but Hanumanji never speaks to me”.

Me: “Oh dear Dhruv! To be able to hear him, you will have to be silent”.

HIm: “Mummy, this is not fair. Don’t you and Hanumanji know it is difficult for me to be silent unless I am sad. Do you want me to be sad?”

This post has been written for Day 2 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘What you don’t know’ and I  have used the prompt as the theme.

I am with Team #CrimsonRush


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  1. That’s a real toughie. How doe you really explain the concept of God to a little child? And sure you don’t want him to be sad to hear Hanuman speak…..


  2. Ha ha ha..The questions kids ask! And they always have such impeccable logic. Tell Dhruv he and Hanuman ji make a perfect combination because he only talks and hanuman ji only listens 🙂

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  3. From the mouth of babes!
    A simple question that made me think, about all that we’ve blindly accepted and don’t know why, or fully about.


  4. Ah! Kids are very smart. What a dilemma you must be in. And I cant imagine what you must have answered to Dhruv.


  5. Hey smartie……We don’t want you to be sad and silent….Keep the chatter going and enliven the world around you……:)….Hanumanji will also like it that way….:)


  6. As kids, it’s difficult to understand prayer, contrary to the things they show on TV et al. But I feel that as kids, we should be encouraged to just talk to God about our day, our dreams and aspirations. Coz once we’re older all our prayers are going to be full of demands and expectations!
    And of course, it helps to know that God does give answers not only in a direct way, but also through other people in our life! 🙂

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  7. That’s true. Keeping quiet is a v difficult thing for someone who loves to talk and ask questions. 😀 Kids have lots of questions on why God does or doesn’t do certain things. My son was a non-believer until he turned 8 or 9 when I fell seriously ill and he prayed to God to have me back home from the hospital after 2 days. That was his first brush with the Almighty and now he understands as am sure Dhruv will, too, when he is a little older that our conversations with God continue throughout our lives.


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