Unlikely trance #BarAThon Day 1

Ever had your eyes locked in with someone else’s eyes?

As if your eyes were destined to get drowned into those other  pair of eyes?

Felt like you traveled miles yet staying firm to where you were?

Sounds romantic?

To me, it sure does.

Now that I have your attention, let me throw in a spoiler. The story I am going to tell you today is no way a romantic one.

I must have been 2 or 2 and a half. In those days, we lived in a home on a hill with a jungle stretching in the backyard. One afternoon, I was playing on my own in the rear part of the house. A net door was the defence the house had against the jungle in this part.  That afternoon, as I was playing, my eyes fell upon a creature outside the net door. There was a magnificent black cobra harmlessly sitting coiled up, with its hood spread, gazing at me. For a moment which might have seemed to be an eternity, I remained unmoved without the slightest fear gazing back at the cobra. Nothing else existed in that moment, neither the house nor the jungle, not even the net door.

Suddenly, I felt a pang of fear and I ran inside the house with a screeching “Mummy saanp” (Mummy snake)

This incident has passed the test of times remaining imprinted on my consciousness and has been my earliest memory.

Do you have an earliest memory which can be termed as stranger than fiction?

This post has been written for Day 1 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘Stranger than fiction’ and I  have used the prompt as theme.

I am with Team #CrimsonRush


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  1. Interesting! I have a long time association with snakes coz of where I grew up. It was a small village where my dad was posted on job and we did see a lot of wild things there. Lots of tales from there that are difficult to fit in here. Surprisingly, I still end up seeing snakes frequently even after changing cities.


  2. Oh gosh that is scary… My home in india is rigged with snakes… Rat eating snakes i guess… They come for a visit anyday anytime 🙂


  3. I was almost going to say what a wonderful place to have a house in but then the cobra came along. That was scary – the last place you expect to see a cobra is in your house. I’ve seen snakes out in our garden and once even in our washroom when we lived in one of those old houses in the University campus. But most of them weren’t threatening, like I believe the cobra would be. They would slither away when they saw/heard us.


  4. That is one scary memory at the early age! I would have lost it, and I’m sure you too did! Glad that you were safe and nothing really happened!



  5. I have a similar one from the summer vacations at grandma’s in Kerala. I was about 9 and was told to bring wood for the fireplace in the kitchen. I had kept the first piece and saw something small moving and shining. But I ignored and kept two more pieces of wood. Then only I realized that it was a bunch of four snakelets. And instead of putting down the wood I kept holding it and screaming for my Mamaji. Gives me goosebumps even now.


  6. I haven’t had an experience like that but my niece had a similar experience when she was about 2 as well. Her mom (my cousin) was more afraid than her.


  7. Actually I can. One of my cousins had a similar experience – and I was doign some research on the topic; apparently, certain snakes can throw you into a trance – almost hypnosis like – if you make contact for a certain period of time.
    Nice take on the prompt, btw Anamika

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  8. I am tempted to ask about the place you lived. Sounds so beautiful, but for the Cobra!!
    That must be some spell binding experience that a 2 and a half year old you remembered it. I have been bitten by a snake when I was 6 year old. I do remember that it was during an evening walk with my parents and I told them that I have been pricked by a thorn. Mom looked at my feet and saw a snake nearby. They rushed me to the hospital where I was observed for a day or so. Thankfully, it was a non-poisonous snake.


  9. How interesting. Did the snake go away? Did you mom come to look at what you were afraid of? I once saw movement among some leaves in our backyard and prodded it with a stick. Turned out to be a snake. 🙂 Of course we were all terrified – I don’t know what species it was, but it looked python like. After some time, someone got a snake charmer to find it and capture it. Very memorable incident. Cobras can be mesmerizing. No wonder this is imprinted in your mind!


  10. I have never seen a snake, unless you count those dead snakes in the zoo at Mumbai!

    It truly is a memory one can’t forget! And especially when it happens when you’re small. A small kid doesn’t even know or realise on time what needs to be done!


  11. Scary. Never been face to face one and earliest childhood memories – mostly good i guess. Actually, I remember moving houses that my parents say I can’t but I do 🙂


  12. That is soooooo creepy…..I remember lizards falling over me all the time….no wonder I am so scared of them….It was as if they knew how to single me out in the crowd….and tease me just for fun….:P…..


  13. We used to have snakes in our garden in monsoon. I remember one crossing my path while I was out cycling. It’s scary in the moment and somehow humbling after the fact.


  14. Such things can remain in our memory forever and scare us to death. Once in childhood a bird, read rooster tried to attack me but wasn’t able to but I am so scared of them even today but cannot come close to them.


  15. Snakes were always around when we were growing up in the hills of the North-East years ago…thankfully, something or the other always saved us from any mishaps even when we used to play outside by the hedges and trees and along the edge of the forest areas. But, the most creepy thing is that our apartment where we currently live, right in the heart of a residential colony is a favourite den of these creepy crawlies. I have never ever got used to seeing one even now. As scared as ever.


  16. Wow, that was interesting and they say certain memories never fade. Maybe, i will write a post on it at a later date. Thankfully, the “saanp” dd not harm you. Else, how would i have commented here now” 😛


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