The keychain #CBF16

I came across Cherished Blogfest last year in 2015 where bloggers shared stories about one of their cherished object. Honestly speaking, I gave it a sincere thought then however I couldn’t come to think of any object which I valued more than anything. Having always considered objects easily dispensable and replaceable, nothing came close to my heart – no object, no photograph, no heir loom. Standalone memories, yes, lots of them but no object in particular.

The cherished blogfest makes a comeback this year once again putting my brain’s machinery to work. And, this time, I do have an object. This object is a key chain which has a figure painted in such a way that it looks like a girl dressed in traditional Japanese attire. This was a gift from my brother who got it for me from his Tokyo visit last year. He selected it carefully keeping my favourite colour in mind – various shades of red. I took an instant liking for it when he showed it to me. This key chain holds my house keys. I simply love it when it dangles down my finger.


I happen to cherish it for one more reason. I have always lived in houses which either belonged to my parents or in-laws where they were the decision makers and I was just a family member. I never owned anything, never could change anything Β For the first time, when I changed the old key chain of the house, I presently live in, with this new one, I discovered the feeling of independence of being able to make my choices with respect to how I want to lead my life and to own those choices.

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  1. That’s such a cute one and I feel the joy you are talking about. Sometimes objects go beyond the utility they are set to serve and make a special place in our heart for themselves. Isn’t it?
    I participated in CBF last year too and was excited for the new edition. Looking forward to read more around. πŸ™‚


  2. Connecting it with your independence does make the keychain all the more special, let alone being a gift from your brother. I greatly cherish the keychains that are gifted to me. That keychain is really cute ! πŸ˜€


  3. Aw, that’s so cute! It’s amazing how such a tiny object can have so much meaning. Thank you for giving us a second look and for sharing your story. Dan – cohost – #CBF16


  4. A small and simple keychain, and yet its attachment to that much larger and pleasant feeling of independence makes it so important. Nice post!


  5. Isn’t it amazing how something so seemingly insignificant can be the catalyst to such a momentous realization in our minds. Besides, it is such a unique keychain. I love it. Tha ks so much for joining the blogfest with us this year! I’m Cheryl.


  6. I absolutely adore keychains and collect them too! I have a bag full of them and some of them go back a long way. I admire how they mean so much to us and clearly, this one does to you. It’s an emotional moment πŸ™‚


  7. First of all, that is the cutest keychain i have seen in a long time. No exaggeration there! And, second of all, I can so understand when you say changing the keychain gave you a feeling of independence. That emotion is something you will cherish always!


  8. Looking at the delightful keychain, in it’s shades of red, I wondered if there were tales of where the keychain had been, or will be going. It speaks to me of adventures!


  9. That’s a very unique keychain and I like that is has given you a sense of independence. Thanks for sharing your object and story and participating in the blogfest.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost


  10. Oh, I collect keychains! They are mostly gifts from others but I like them anyway, especially if given to me sincerely by friends and family. Yours is totally cute! You\ve got a sweet bro. Wish I had a bro.


  11. That’s a beautiful keychain…and I love that feeling of independence that you feel carrying the key with you. I make it a point to pick up a few keychains from each place I travel to, as keepsakes…love them!


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