My ‘Reading Day’ companion #Mondaymusings

It is Monday!

Monday for me means leaving a hundred chores to sit down and write my Monday Musings post. Last week, there was no Monday Musings post here but I had my post live on Write Tribe as a part of Write Tribe Festival of Words (WTFOW #5). I wrote about the 2 ways I keep my blogging positive. In case you missed reading it, you can read it by clicking here.

Yesterday, it was declared a ‘Reading Day’ at home. After a scrumptious breakfast and issuing the notification of it being an absolutely no TV day, I sat down to read with the intention to finish off the book I had borrowed from the Apartment’s library weeks ago. I had a loud noisy reader for company who brought out his own set of books. Seated close to me, he began reading the lines from his book with full dramatization. The request to lower down his pitch was met with showing me the page with the line ‘I can’t help it’. Repeated requests came to be understood as Mama is open to talking and discussing. He was reading his current favourite David series – No David!, David goes to school and David gets into trouble.  David is a mischievous boy who is always upto some or the other mischief. There were lines drawn about the similarities and dissimilarities between David and himself and it was concluded that he and David are poles apart. Almost.

David goes to school

No David!

David gets into Trouble

Me: “Can we discuss your book later? I want to finish reading my book today.”

Him: “Are you going to write a story about David next time on your blog?”

Me: “Later”.

Him: “What about Isabella?”.

Me: “Later”.

Him: “Amazing Grace?”

Me: Let me read”.

Him, keeping his books aside: Okay, read aloud to me from your book”.

A few lines later.

Him: I am bored Mama. I think I will cut your hair”.

Me: ???

Him: “Don’t worry. I am not using a scissor because scissors are dangerous. I will cut your hair with the clips you use for drying clothes”.

Me: “Will you do it quietly?”

Him: “Okay, draw David for me. I will colour it.”

I am yet to finish my book.

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#Monday Musings


  1. loved this one! reminds of that scene from Hasee toh phasee when Sid and Parineeti go to meet the client, he asks her to shut up and she turns impatient 🙂 with kids of course it becomes cuter 😀


  2. Now, no book would be more interesting than this! 😁 Hope you drew David well. 😉
    Too bad my kids are not in this phase now. Elder one is old and younger one hasn’t even begun talking.


      1. Awww I understand that . Often times when one feels like that fine line between sanity and the other side will snap , a book is a balm to the tired soul ! The Secret by Rhonda Byrne I have read but Secrets .. not sure . Summer time in Boston is beautiful . Weekends are the icing on the cake ! Happy weekend dear ! Hugs !


  3. Lol…!!! Kids!! As much as it is fun to read about them here, I guess it’s all about keeping patience with them in person!
    Enjoyed reading your post 🙂



  4. Such an adorable post! It’s good that he knows that scissors are dangerous.
    You have a nice reading company. Finish your book when he sleeps or when he is in school 🙂


  5. Been there so I know how it is a test of our patience and perseverance. But, there is a silver lining to this…just give it a year or two and then he will read on his own and you can get back to your books. Until then, you will have to ‘give in’ to these little whims of a five-year-old! Enjoy these magical years…they don’t last forever. 🙂


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