When sense of humour runs dry? #MondayMusings

I have lived a major part of my life with sewed up lips. I never had anything to say because my mind never worked in tandem with the situation outside. And then, one day, I accidentally discovered I had a sense of humour when in one such situation where something was being talked about and my mind was letting out steam and smoke at the same time trying to process the context, I blurted out something totally senseless, out of the context. Or may be I cut a joke on myself and was greeted with “She is funny.”

Funny? Oh! I am funny? Did I listen right? Did that mean I was no longer meant to be called boring or dumb? There I got the trick which I began employing very often and as time went by, I earned the compliment of being a person who loves a good laugh and cracks the wit out of others.

However, sense of humour also comes with varying degrees – good, dry and bad. Therefore, a good sense of humour will prevail for long is not a surety. The question is when to understand that your sense of humour has gone dry? (I am leaving out the ‘bad’ aspect because that will be equivalent to not having a Sense.Of.Humour at all.)

  1. When someone says she has been suffering from cold and you suggest take a stroll in the cold freezing wind because ‘loha lohe ko kaata hai’ ( For the readers from english speaking countries, I googled for the english translation for the hindi proverb ‘loha lohe ko kaata hai’  and google answered ‘Iron bites’.)
  2. When your tried and tested trick of talking out of the context doesn’t work any longer and causes the other person wanting to tear her hair off, Or
  3. When you want to write a post on a Monday Morning about sense of humour going dry and you find yourself unable to even pull it off.

So, what to do?

  1. Accept your sense of humour has gone dry. Acceptance is the first step.
  2. Immediately stop trying to act, sound or write funny.
  3. Don’t check the Whatsapp to avoid the pain of finding the Yoga Teacher’s message about the class starting@10.20.
  4. Go ahead and check it because the pain of reading the call for the class is much less that what is to be experienced in real in the class of 45 minutes.
  5. Rethink and repent about the act of banishing the maid because the cleaning, sweeping, mopping seems to have taken a toll on the erstwhile good sense of humour.
  6. Plan to send out a message on the Apartment’s ladies Whatsapp group asking for a maid with a good sense of humour who would agree to lend me some in addition to her primary cleaning work.
  7. Refrain from executing point number 6 considering to spare the craziness and to atleast have some Izzat (dignity) in the neighbourhood after losing it in the blogosphere by making this post live. (Thankfully, only a handful of readers read my blog)
  8. Publish this post because Corinne says it is alright to be silly for Monday Musings.
  9. Shut the laptop, switch the phone off and rush for the covers into the darkness where no likes and no comments can permeate through.

Issued in public interest: In case you found this post really dry such that not a single line or a point could make you laugh, please be assured there is no more to it and the post ends here. And, please do not share this post  if you believe in public welfare.

Linking this post with #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues

#Monday Musings


    1. Publish this post because Corinne says it is alright to be silly for Monday Musings.” this liner is catchy. and all of a sudden i felt that you are Madam C’s Chelee … 🙂


      1. No denying that. I take inspiration from her initial words, when she had asked me to just write and write.. I love those words of hers.


  1. Haha! Talk about sense of humor gone dry, I loved reading this 😀 . I laughed yes, and I hope my own sense of humor hasn’t been lost for doing the same :p .Sometimes silliness is fun. I hope you get your maid of ‘humor’ soon enough. 😉


  2. Hehehe, it really gets annoying when the sense of humour dries up. I find it difficult to write humorously dialogues between characters, although I can manage to crack a sarcastic joke once in a while 🙈
    Anyway, the post is hilarious in its own way ! 😀


  3. Only someone with a good sense of humour can write a post like this, Anamika! I loved the whole post – the silliness coated humours. Keep writing. And yeah, there is nothing wrong in suggesting going for a walk in the chill air as a cure to cold. It does work. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hehehe you want a maid with good sense of humor… Now that’s a good joke 😉
    iron bites! 😀 i will use this some day.


  5. Ha ha .. Nope it hasn’t gone anywhere and you most certainly do not have to borrow it from any maid. You’ve got it right here girl – your sense of humour is intact. Corinne gives good advice.


    1. I have to thank you Rajlakshmi for this. Your first comment went into spam the first day when you commented and you visited again the next day and commented again on not seeing your previous day’s comment. Thanks a lot 🙂


  6. I have been away from blogging for a while and I come back to this? Can’t be happier 🙂 Although I love your posts about Dhruv equally much. The ‘iron bites’ bit was the icing on the cake! Please experiment with such writing 🙂


  7. LOL. Only someone with a sense of humour can write this post on it. So worry not, even if you feel it has gone dry, it will come back.

    P.S. Your pointers were interesting. 😛
    P.P.S. Can’t stop thinking about Iron Bites! 😀


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