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Do we believe that our thoughts have the power to shape up our destiny? Think positive, have grateful thoughts and  more positive things start occurring in our lives. Think negative thoughts, practice fear and we can be assured that everything around us, including our own lives, is pathetic.

Can we give this a thought over? Between the time when, in the morning, we pick up the newspaper and fold it keeping it back on the table after reading, with every news article that we read, we constantly create thoughts ranging from dismissiveness, disgust, despair, hopelessness, anger and hatred with the closing thoughts ‘this world is not a good enough place to live anymore‘.  And, guess what, we have the whole world giving us company thinking on the same lines as us. 

And this is just with morning newspapers. There are other mediums as well which keep us hooked and occupied throughout the day causing us to create the similar thought pattern.

When the power of thoughts can work on an individual level, in the same way it can also working on the world level and the universe level. No doubt when each one of us believes and divert our energies to thinking this world is not a good enough place to live anymore, it HAS to be like that. It cannot be the other way round.

Therefore, can we consider ourselves to be powerful to make this world a better place by changing the way we think about it? Yes, each one us?

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  1. I believe positivity and negativity of our thoughts is infectious. Our days would begin in a much better way if the morning papers had good news on the cover more often. A thought provoking piece.


  2. It’s one reason I don’t read/ buy the newspaper anymore. I don’t start my day with the news- on social media or otherwise. I listen to the radio and my playlist if needed to set the tone for a good day. In addition, I subscribe to The Good News Network and The Better India so these are news items I see first. Will I miss out on important news? Perhaps. But I’ll find out if/when I need to. The power of choice is back in my hands 🙂 Interesting piece, Anamika 🙂


  3. It’s true. We need to focus on the positive side of life and rather than negativity seeping in our consciousness. We have the power of choice in our hands and to craft things in a better way.


  4. To an extent I do believe that if we think positive then good things will happen. But then sometimes it is indeed hard to see the positive side..But yes, if we all join in and will things to be positive and powerful in a good way, maybe, just maybe, we’ll achieve it..


  5. You make complete sense ( as always Anamika) . Thoughts influence your actions and your moods hence it is always better to think positively -and attract more positivity in your life and in the world. There are enough people thinking negatively for the bad things to happen!


  6. Positively is a lifestyle.. I have no clue how to inculcate or practice it on purpose. To me it comes automatically, like the air I breathe.. as somebody above said it is infectious too, like the smile and the yawn, can go round in circles..Thoughts are very powerful, in fact I would go ahead and say emphatically, everything begins at the level of the thought! it is how we channelize it that matters. Positively could be that channel.

    You make a lot of sense, Anamika 🙂


  7. Brilliant thought Anamika. Do we have the power to do something good instead of claiming that the world has gone bad? If yes, let’s make a difference. And if not, let’s quit complaining. Let’s give people a good word or none at all.


  8. Very interesting thought. I think thinking positively do make you feel better. But it’s it possible to always think positively? I do read the daily newspaper and sometimes just skip the distressing news. I think perspective is very important. We can’t be cheerful and positive at all times and it makes sense to make peace that we will feel low at times.


  9. Absolutely possible to do so, Anamika. We can all think positively on an individual level by focussing on the positive, good things even if there are negative things happening all around us. We can teach our children to think of what they can do, rather than can’t and we can see that our mood feels somewhat better. Reality is about accepting the good along with the bad but we must make a conscious effort to not allow the negative to make a stronger impression on our minds. Pragmatic but optimistic is perhaps the way I see it. 🙂


  10. Ah the new look is fab, Anamika. The first thing that struck me when I got here.

    About your post, I agree. I don’t have TV at home and skim through the papers. I now try to share positive news/ stories, although it’s hard not to get sucked into the vortex of negativity.


  11. I truly believe that if social media focused more on positive news than just showing the bad side of the world, we would have been a more positive generation. You are making complete sense.


  12. Totally agree with you there. A long time ago, I used to be the one who was never happy with life, sulking and finding faults. I don’t know how and what changed but since then, I keep negative thoughts at bay and even know I read newspapers, I take it information but I do not let myself get absorbed in the details.
    Loved your writing and this new look. Good one!


  13. Well said Ana. I for one believe very strongly in the power of positive thinking. Give and get back is the universal policy. So spreading happy thoughts will give us back double the happiness. A profound post!


  14. Excellent point! In college, I took a journalism class, and one of the requirements was to read two (or possible three) newspapers a day. I kept the habit for months after the class ended, until one day when I realized how stressed and upset I had become (not solely for that reason, but it was definitely a factor). I think it was only a week of being news-free before I began to feel more positive about things. Thank you for this reminder. 🙂


  15. it is indeed sad that newspapers don’t share more good stuff. which is why upworthy and other sites are great alternative news sources. i too don’t religiously read newspapers anymore, and when i do, i am selective in my reading. at the same time, i work for a human rights organization, so i get my fair share of depressing daily news. balance is important i guess.. there are many bad things happening in the world, and these need to be acknowledged and dealt with.. at the same time, being negative and depressed will not solve anything!

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  16. I’ve stopped watching the news so much. I used to watch it in the mornings before I went to work, and I’m not doing that as much. I listen to music instead, and on the way to work in the car too. I just got tired of all the negativity and the way the media focuses on it. I figure if something really important happens in the news, someone will probably mention it if I don’t already know about it! I do still enjoy reading my papers though.


  17. I recently finished a book on weight loss that’s premise was that prayer and positive thinking were the keys to surrendering excess pounds. It was all about how negativity leads us to unhealthy habits. I can see where this would apply to all aspects of our lives.


  18. I reduced my reading and watching of the news once I realised I was depressed. I think the negativity can certainly have an impact on you. While I don’t subscribe to the ‘think positively and positive things will happen’ view, I do believe in balanced thinking and challenging negative beliefs. Interesting post!


  19. You make a lot of sense, Anamika. Positive thoughts and feelings create a ripple effect of positivity for sure, which most certainly can’t obtain by reading newspapers these days. I don’t even like to read some of my favorite websites because of the constant nagging and negativity they are marketing nowadays. Some days, despite how bad it was, I feel an aura of positive rays and I love those days. Must be one of the positive ripples from the previous day stopped by to show its magic. 🙂


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