Happiness is gifting books #MondayMusings

What did you gift for this birthday?

A book.

What did you gift for the birthday before this?

A book.

And before that?

Before that too, it was a book.

And  so? Do you think Dhruv is going to get another birthday invite?

Is there anything to think about this?

You are going to get black listed in your apartment complex for your choice of gift you send Dhruv with every time he gets a birthday invite. Mind you, he will not get any invites in future if you continue doing this. You know nobody likes to read books and this holds truer than true for children. Books as gifts are unappreciated, totally useless.

This was my mother’s advice from a year ago. This was not a happy news to me. Books bring me happiness and gifting books to children means all the more happiness. Still, I took her advice seriously because, for me, she is the representative of the huge crowd of people who have nothing to do with books. I stopped gifting books to little children. Instead I began gifting puzzles to children.

I very well remember when I got a book, for the first and last time, as a gift for my 7th or 8th birthday. The book was David Copperfield. I was not a reader then but it was the most fascinating gift for me that day. It took me a couple of years before I took to reading and finished reading the David Copperfield.

Another birthday season is going to start June onward, with people returning home after vacations and schools starting. This year I am going to make a difference and do what satisfies me most, irrespective of my mother’s advice from last year. However, she will not be complaining this time because, at present, even she aspires to read the 2 books I ordered for her on her request. Whether she showed interest or not, I have always been discussing with her what I read, unless it is romance. This time, the 2 books which caught her imagination are The Secret and Many Lives Many Masters (Hindi editions). The other book which I would like her to read is ‘Lean In‘ but unfortunately it is not available in Hindi edition.

Last when I spoke to her, she had read the first chapter of The Secret.

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#Monday Musings


  1. I’m just like you… I don’t think there can ever be a gift more fitting and more precious than books..I’m know as the aunty who gifts books and talks about reading with kids..thereby a boring aunty but I don’t care 😊 Even if I gift a toy , I try to add a book with it.. It’s a compulsion , I just can’t help it..

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  2. Good for you Anamika! I truly agree with you. I used to spend all my birthday money buying books and looked forward to my presents because they were always books. These are companions who understand your mood, put you ina good frame of mind and when you are fed up with them, you just shut them up and keep them away! How can anyone not appreciate the gift of a book?

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  3. Oh My! I only gift books. Everyone here knows what y gift will be. A new fresh book. Also that is the safest thing to gift me. Whatever may happen, I always appreciate a good book. I wonder how can people not like books as gifts?


  4. I used to gift books at birthdays till the twins told me no one was reading them. Now I stick with books only for their reader friends. For the others I try to pick from comics or ones about crafts or cars – or ones that would have things to do along with some reading. The only thing is they are expensive and I need to travel some distance to buy them. Somedays it seems just easier to pick up a ‘loom band set’ or a ‘mould and paint’ and be done with it.


  5. My little one demanded books and was happy getting them, but she has still not read all of them. I generally check with her friends on what they want, and surprizingly, they all ask for particular books 😀


  6. I love gifting books. I am sorry to say I am rather notorious for it among the kids in my family. I belong to a family which doesn’t read. Can you imagine???
    Anyway I am constantly making sure that my nieces, nephews and my own kids have enough books around to tempt them.

    As you can imagine I don’t receive as many books. So I join book exchange secret santas to get the pleasure of receiving and gifting books 🙂



  7. Right now, I have no young family members, but I will have to watch this. To me, a book is the perfect gift. But, the right puzzles aren’t bad, either, if you find one without commercial ties. Too bad. It seems 90% of them are commercial, in my country, portraying characters from the latest movie or something else people are trying to sell.


  8. My sister-in-law blessed our daughter with a book for every holiday and birthday. Of course she would add a dollar to two but the point is, she still loves to read at age 30. In fact, she’s started a book club. It’s because of the gift of a book for all those years.

    Don’t let anyone distract you from your giving habits. Reading is fundamental.

    Thanks for sharing!



  9. A book is always the correct size, color, and appropriate no matter what season. A book doesn’t need batteries, a plug, or headphones so it’s always available. A book is ALWAYS a great gift! Of course, I might be a bit biased, given I still own books I was gifted as a child. 🙂

    Kudos to you for going with your instincts, Anamika, for the upcoming birthday season!


  10. I always believe that there are two kinds of people in this world, one that love books and one that don’t! I have also had a few experiences of people not appreciating books but continue to gift irrespective! We are a book-loving bunch at home and are hooked 24/7 to every kind we come across…so are many in the family who are addicted to books…my mom is a voracious reader at 70 plus and we love carrying books along on trips as well. Can’t even imagine what life would be without books!


  11. so happy to read all these comments from book lovers! i too think books are a great gift, but i find it hard to ensure that the person/.child does not already have the particular book i am gifting. and so then book gift cards are handy. on the other hand, i also think that it is nice to gift things that people will enjoy, so if i know they are not readers, i don’t gift books.


  12. I wouldn’t mind getting books as a gift for my birthday! Or at a birthday party I attended!
    But it is true, kids these days don’t really appreciate books the way we used to. It’s more of mobile games with vivid colours and complex plots. The books having the same qualities have taken the backseat.


  13. Your son gonna cherish the book for the rest of his life. I am bad with gifts but good with books. No prize for guessing..I give books, sometimes chocolates, pen and coffee along with books:)


  14. Books are so tricky because you don’t always know what someone likes or has already read. We give a lot of gift cards for book stores/sellers. It’s not as personal as a book, but at least they can pick their own. I’m with you.. what a joy to crack open a new book, smell it, and look forward to the next page.


  15. As a child, there was nothing so precious as a new book, one that was mine, not one that I had to take back to school, or return to the town’s library. Books are a wonderful gift. Keep giving books!


  16. I’ve always loved receiving books as gifts! Though book gift certificates were even better because then I got to be taken to a bookstore to browse.


  17. I love books as gifts and I also buy a lot as gifts. When my brother and I were growing up, our parents gifted us books all the time and I have fought with Papa many times. “Why does Mum get a dress and we get The childhood days of RabindraNath Tagore” was my complaint. Now I know why 🙂


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