One gadget free afternoon… #MondayMusings

“Mummy, can I have a Bourbon biscuit?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Oh! But there aren’t any in the canisters.

I am afraid they are finished.”.


“Wait! I know Nani has hidden some very tasty

biscuits somewhere here in the kitchen.

Go and check if Nani is still asleep.”

“OK mummy. I will go and check.

Nani is snoring.”

“What are you saying?

She never snores.

Never mind.”

“Mummy, why are you climbing over the slab?

Mummy, why are you hanging from up there?

Mummy, are you planning to fall down and break your leg?”

“Sshhh! Will you?”

“Theeeek hai.”

“There, there, just there.

Found the jar. Goodies. Yay.

Here, take one Dhruv.

Like always, one for Dhruv, one for mummy.”

“OK mamma. But, these are not as good

as Bourbon. I will go to the shop

with Nanu in the evening to get Bourbon.”

“Oh yeah! Tell me about it.

Not liking it? Give me yours, then.

I will love to have 2 of those.”

“Theeeek hai, ye le lo. Can I get

mirchi wali namkeen now?”

You can call me mad. Yes, I did this today in the afternoon. This happens when we live gadget free days. Doing this reminded me of the childhood when me and my brother used to be the same. Earlier it was sibling bonding and at present, I will call it rewriting parenting fundas.

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#Monday Musings


  1. ha ha! I have done that too with my brother. Getting up on shelves to get some cookies or horlicks. What fun days!
    Dhruv likes mirchi wali namkeen? oh man. mast hai 🙂


    1. I have had a tough time in this vacation courtesy the gadgets. One day I placed the lock on the playstore and no more mobile games since that day. The only gadget allowed is TV for now. It feels good to have you here Shailaja 🙂

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  2. That was fun! It is indeed a boon to be able to enjoy our childhood all over again with our kids. 🙂

    I’m not much of a gadget freak. I never play games and am on and off social media most of the time. My necessary gadget…my phone…is for calls, mails and blogging.


    1. Exactly Varsh. Parenthood is a chance to live our childhood all over again. In my case,it is serving to live my childhood, many a times different from the one I actually experienced.
      I am a facebook freak but no games for me. It is good that you use your phone for the bare minimum and are able to keep yourself away from the lures of social media.

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  3. I love these gadget free moments. It seems everyone is so wrapped up in their cell phones and lap tops and TVs that they don’t really “talk” to anyone anymore.


    1. True. It happens so often in my parents’ home. My mother complained for a long time that nobody talks and then my brother gifted her a smartphone too. Thus, she has also found solace in her whatsapp messages. This is called Peace Trading 😀


      1. My mom wanted a smart phone to take photos and send them to her friends via Whatsapp so my brother gave her one for her 80th birthday! So why should the little ones not want one too? (


    1. haha…I remember this used to happen often in our home. Then mummy started secretly sneaking in goodies into the house from the market, hiding them beyond our reaches. She could save them only until the guests arrived because then she used to bring them out and we got to know about them. Those were plundered as soon as the guests left.


    1. To tell you a little secret about me – my nickname is khaaugali and this explains why I can still wear my maternity clothes with complete ease because I never shed a kilo of my weight. I don’t like to lose things 😛


  4. Aah! you make me nostlgic too. When my mom used to sleep, I used to steal powder Amul milk from the kitchen cupboard…Knowing that no one will scold me still the fun of stealing is so very heart touching.


    1. Aah I remember those days of Amul milk powder and Nestle Milkmaid. All the hardships of searching, climbing and yes stealing made the taste of the goodies awesome. After all in some respects, it was also like mehnat ki kamai 😀
      I can already hear voices of the Sanskaari brigade in my head – “ye sanskaar dogi tum apne bete ko, chori sikhaogi use, chor banaogi.”
      Hahahaa 😀 😀 ;D


    1. Alana, I will tell you something more. The same evening he went up to my mother and told her – “Do you know, your daughter has gone mad?” and everybody at home just couldn’t stop their laughing until each one had tears in their eyes.


  5. Less gadgets and more ‘real life’ I say!! This sounds like a wonderful time. Chuckles all ’round. 🙂


  6. That’s called a ‘Good Afternoon’ :). In our house, my mom was the snack eater and finisher. By the time I and my sister get back from school whatever was bought the day before would be almost finished. But we both used to do the tip-toe trick to get a lick of milkmaid and horlicks powder. 🙂 This was such a nice post, Anamika. 🙂


  7. I liked the way you tricked him into not having a biscuit at all 😀
    I guess everyday is a gadget free day for a student like me who’s preparing for exams!
    Liked this post 🙂


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