Kindness knows no value #FridayReflections

I am joining Friday Reflections with a quick post on the prompt ‘Random act of kindness I have experienced’.

I had, earlier, written about this particular incident in the comment section on Corinne’s blog and I thought it will be worth dedicating a post to that incident.

It was 13 March, 2013 and I along with Dhruv had landed at Manchester Airport. After clearing the immigration checks, we reached the baggage claim counter. For getting a trolley, one pound coin was needed to be inserted into a machine after which a trolley used to get ejected. 

Husband, who had travelled 6 months earlier, had already told me about his experience with that machine. He had a 10 pound note as the lowest currency denomination with him which he inserted into the machine. The trolley got ejected but he did not get the change from the machine. He raised the issue with the Airport officials but the issue could not be resolved and he lost the balance 9 pounds. Therefore, when I was to travel he cautioned me to arrange for 1 pound coin for the same reason. However, the fact is when you get currency converted at the Airport you never get coins but only notes.

So, there was I standing faced with the same situation as husband with a 10 pound note in my hand. Thankfully, Dhruv was in good humour then after having cried for a long time since I woke him up when the plane landed. I must have turned the note in my hands a couple of times preparing my mind to lose the balance amount. Just then a fellow passenger, who was an Indian living in UK, came to me and enquired about my problem. I explained my position and he was kind enough to give me the coin. I thanked him and my heart was filled with gratitude towards him.

Losing the 9 pounds may not have mattered in the long run but that token of kindness has stayed in my heart.

Linking this post to #FridayReflections hosted by Writetribe and Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life.


  1. More than the money I think it is the reassurance that makes us feel good. Kindness takes on a whole new meaning when it comes from strangers.


  2. I feel that sometimes we need a little help in remembering the fact that there still is humanity in us humans, and this post surely helped me recollect this 🙂


  3. Every little bit helps make the world more humane and kinder. Sometimes such small gestures mean the world in a certain situation. Thanks for sharing this random act of kindness.


  4. That was such a sweet gesture from the stranger, Anamika! It’s so true, such tiny acts of kindness stay with us for a long time, assuring us that there is goodness on this planet, after all!


  5. I do like small gestures such as these. They are always wonderful. The best thing that ever happened to me was a few years ago when a stranger knocked on my car window while I was waiting at a set of lights to tell me my back tyre actually had a puncture in it. He then proceeded to change my tyre for me! That was such a lovely thing to do and something I’ve not forgotten till this day.


  6. Hey this reminds me of what happened when I reached the Dar-es-salaam airport, years back. My husband had sent me pages of instruction, making me forget many in the panic. For the first time arrivals in Dar-es-salaam airport the customs checking is automatic. I forgot that, and so an officer asked to open the box. But a fellow passenger. she was also an Indian, corrected him, and see seemed an angel to me.


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