To be published… #MondayMusings

Let me tell you a story today.

This story is about a girl who nurtured a dream of getting published ever since she was a child.

She was in 6th Std. when, in order to  fulfil her dream, she submitted a poem for the school magazine. The poem did not get published and she knew why. She had copied that poem from her previous school’s (the one she attended previously) annual magazine and her English Teacher would have made out that the poem was too good to be original for her.

In 12th Std, her 10th Std’s Sanskrit Teacher approached her to write an essay for the Sanskrit section of the annual magazine. This made her ecstatic for she saw herself coming closer to her long time dream. She was good in Sanskrit and she wrote the best essay ever. The teacher was equally elated since her faith in her favourite student did not go waste. A week went by and the teacher called the girl. The teacher informed the girl that the magazine committee held the opinion that they could not publish the essay in the girl’s name because Sanskrit was no longer her subject in 12th Std. She was studying Commerce. The teacher, however, suggested that her essay could be published in her brother’s name as he was studying the subject in 9th Std.  The girl loved her Sanskrit teacher and did not refuse her.

A day after, the English teacher announced names of the children from the girl’s class, whom she considered good in English, for contributing material for the magazine. The girl’s name was not in the list of names called. After the class got over, she met the English teacher asking her if she could make the contribution too along with others. The teacher was a kind being and encouraged her. The girl wrote a poem about what success meant bringing out the idea it was about rising above failures and defeats. The girl was proud of what she had come up with. A couple of days later, the students handed over their works to the English teacher in the class and the day carried on as usual. That day, just before the last period was to begin, the English teacher called the girl out in the corridor, appreciated and congratulated her for the poem she had written. This made the girl confident of finally being able to see her work published with her name. In the days that followed, she saw a change in the attitude of other teachers towards her in a way that they started acknowledging her presence in the class. This made the girl even more sure.

At last the magazine was out. Returning home, the girl turned the pages to look for her poem and her Sanskrit essay. She found the essay and her brother’s name but couldn’t find the poem. She searched and searched. It was not there. She was devastated. She spent the whole evening  in a state of sorrow. After getting back to her senses, she read others’ works and realised her language was naive for a 17 year old.

Then she got lost in her educational pursuits with new dreams taking over the older ones.

One day, in the executive communication class of the management programme, the professor mentioned to the class – ‘today you may be studying HR, Marketing or Finance but a few years down the line you may find yourself doing something totally unconnected with whatever you are studying today’.At that moment, the girl heard her inner voice calling out she will be writing and the dream of being published made a come back.

As years passed, she searched for answers how? How will she be writing when all day she worked with numbers? To satiate her writing urge, she wrote the best work e-mails. Once she even wrote a skit for introducing her team in the Six Sigma presentation in office.

A few more years went by. Along came her son and she began buying books for him. She bought a set of boards books from an e-commerce site and when the site asked her to write a review for her purchase, she was more than happy to oblige. Her review got published on the site and she considered her dream come true, after all.

These days, she blogs and is currently awaiting her article to be published in a print periodical.

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  1. And I’m so happy to know the girl..and will wait to see her work in print..keep at is , is what this post screams of.. One day the dream will come true 🙂


  2. I’m happy that this girl is my friend and her writings only made me closer to her at first and now she is more closer by so many ways. Can’t wait for a long to see her printed article in her own name ……. Enjoyed reading your unique style of writing …… And may all your dreams come true ……


  3. Need I spell this out – I am proud to have met this girl and known her virtually and then, personally too…!!! You’re on your way to reaching greater heights girl, this is just the beginning! We are all here to cheer you on as you accomplish your dreams and reach for newer goals! My heartfelt wishes for you Anamika…you’ve got it in you to be a writer and I will look forward to the day when I can see your article in print. Best wishes ahead…keep the posts coming as always (y)!


  4. Anamika, your posts make me feel something deep inside. The simplicity with which you have narrated the mix of things. Knowing it happened is only the icing on the cake.

    I wish this girl gets published in her own name in a book. Print editorials will only be the beginning..


  5. And I know that girl! 🙂 How delighted that girl must be! You are truly amazing and an inspiration to us, Anamika. Keeping your dream alive and working towards realizing it is not something everyone can do. Way to go, dear! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Soon.. soon.. the dream will come true.. Just yesterday I had read an interview of Dr. Roshan of Godyears fame. He said, atleast a dozen of his stories were rejected before he went on to publish numerous stories.. there is hope and I am also in the queue with you.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. kyA Ye ladki ainak pehenti hai?
    Kya dhruv inhe “mummy” bulata hai?
    if the above is correct, i guess, i know her..
    Apun ki … Anamika Bai …
    all the best wishes..


  8. Aw that was such a sweet post. This little girl is so loveable nurturing this single dream in her heart. And it will certainly come true. As SRK says in one of his films – if you want something with all your heart the universe conspires to get it for you. So you’ve already set the wheels in motion. I’ll be around to applaud when that happens.


  9. That’s a sweet and honest write up Anamika. Do let that girl know that she did manage to publish many a times in the heart of her readers who loyally throng to read her work. Baba Bless 🙂


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