Tales photos tell #FridayReflections

I am spending my summer vacation at my parents’ place for a month. Since last year when Dhruv started pre-school, summer vacations have again gained their lost fervour in my life with all the compulsory travels.

My parents have changed numerous addresses in their lives and thus there are memories of the various homes and places we have lived in and been to, and there is a bag full of photographs in albums housing those memories. Just like last year’s vacation, that bag was pulled down from its hibernating place, on the top most shelves of the cabinet, today on the pretext of showing the photos to Dhruv. I can bet that bag sees the light only when I visit.

Unlike last year, Dhruv accepted the 4 of us – my parents, me and my brother, in our younger avatars. He registered an observation and asked me why do I look sad in most of the photos.

This was not new for me because I too feel the same when I look at my photos right from my childhood to early adulthood. There was always sadness on my face and the photos in which I am happy are very few. Why was I a sad soul? I never looked comfortable. I remember, one day from many years ago, when my brother asked me what do I ask God for in my prayers and I told him I do not ask for anything, however, I thank him for everything he has given me. If I was so content then why did this contentment not show on my face or was it just the limitation of my thinking process?

At present, today, I am at peace with myself. I have known my elasticity. I have discovered my strength to stand up for myself. I could never have been the same if it were not for the hardships I went through the early years of motherhood. Today, if you click a photograph of me, I may or may not smile in it but there will not be any traces of sadness on my face.

The thing that I love most about this phase of my life is when I wake up every morning and see myself in the bathroom mirror, I can look into my eyes with a smile which extends from my face to my eyes and I tell myself, “I am beautiful”.

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Write Tribe

Prompts for this week – 22 April :

1. If you could do something that you have never done before, what would it be? Why do you want to do it?

2. Write the words you need to hear.

3. Write a list of your top 11 travel tips.

4. Try your hand at writing a piece of fiction.

5. What do you love about life right now?


  1. I stay in the same city as my parents and in-laws. That leaves us with no other option but to go on week-long vacations to some nearby locations. As a child, I have had some really wonderful memories of the two month summer vacations. Miss my grandparents and my childhood. Hope Dhruv and you have a wonderful time. 🙂


  2. That was a beautiful reflection Ana! Photos do speak a thousand words. Well, pictures of my childhood are pretty sad, I mean I look terrible in most – either smiling maniacally or looking like one with an acute case of dyspepsia! I feel I am more poised now, composed and at peace with myself and the world, so that is reflected in the latest pics. Indeed the chaotic thoughts of childhood are reflected in our pictures, yes that’s how I’ll have to explain those terrible pictures of mine!


  3. The biggest achievement in life is being happy with who you are. My photos range from me being a happy kid to a petrified, uncomfortable teen to a shadow behind other people as an adult. It’s only in the past couple of years that I’ve been able to look at myself with any love at all.


  4. To be completely okay with just the way you are is a difficult thing to do. Congratulations on getting to that point in life.
    dropping by from Friday Reflections.


  5. It is a wonderful thing to know and accept yourself as you are now and as you say it, to acknowledge that you are beautiful! Isn’t that a great feeling…to be happy in one’s skin? I wish more people could accept themselves as you do! Beauty is skin deep, after all!


  6. I’m wondering if it was sadness or intensity. You strike me as being an intense person and perhaps didn’t have the space or means to express yourself as you do today. Whatever the reason, I’m so happy for you that you have journeyed and reached a place where you realize your own beauty. ♥


  7. Reaching that stage of acceptance and contentment can be a long hard road. I sometimes wish we could go back to our younger selves and tell ourselves what we may right now. Glad you have reached a space where you are content with yourself and the smile shines in your eyes


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