5 expectations from a homemaker – #Monday Musings

Every role in life comes with a bunch of expectations and so does it for a homemaker.

Who are the ones setting expectations – Both set of parents with one set consisting of the in-laws, the neighbours, the fellow homemakers and so on.

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Here is a list of 5 expectations – 

  1. She must be ‘lovingly’ cooking 3 meals a day, every day, with atleast one of them being lavish and elaborate.
  2. She must be performing all the religious rituals and observing fasting days (days of abstinence from food) diligently.
  3. She must surely know how to pickle mango, lemon, and other seasonal vegetables. The common statements I face is – “Aam ka achaar daala hai kya?” and “Nimbu saste ho gaye hain, nimbu ka achaar daala hoga?”. Though these two lines look like questions but they are actually statements.
  4. She must be one bored woman who needs to watch daily soaps on TV or each and every video and jokes forwarded on Whatsapp to pass her time. She must be the one planning and attending kitty parties or other parties organised in the apartment’s clubhouse.
  5. She must not be having any opinion on the current spate of events in the country because all she is interested in is discussing and complaining the whole day about her mother-in-law and other members or affairs of the extended family, on phone or otherwise.

The reason I came up with this post is to accept my failure as a homemaker on these grounds barring one. I really do not have any opinion on what is going on in the country at the moment. All I can say is it is sheer madness.

Linking this post to #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues and Microblog Mondays.

#Monday Musings


  1. First and foremost, never call yourself a failure. I totally agree, life is full of expectations. And being a homemaker your are NOT ALLOWED to expect anything but to fulfill all of others’ 😀
    Sometimes i think this is really a nice way to live.. There is so much to learn from life 🙂 thanks for the post.


  2. Good for you! This is one test YOU MUST FAIL. To hell with making pickles – just buy them. And don’t air your opinions when they are not valued – silence is truly golden. Order out or take away – cooking is for cooks. Soap Operas are meant for the brain dead and you are still alive. And for the last one about doing fasts – forget it. Do what makes you happy.

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  3. It’s alright not to have an opinion. I am often emasculated at the way people look at me and never be swayed by what others think. You know yourself and it’s what matters the most. People are often funny in their value judgement. Keep steady and hold on to life.
    Stay blessed.


  4. My Gram used to say “Expectations ruin relationships” – and the older I get, the more I realize how very right she was! Stay true to yourself and forget about expectations – they’re nothing but homewreckers!


  5. Sounds like you’re a roaring success to me. The only one I do at all is that I light Shabbas candles on Friday night & fast on Yom Kippur strictly because I choose to. Isn’t it the most liberating thing in the world when you don’t know or care what others expect of you?


  6. Iss haar me hi jeet hai!

    Achcha by the way, pickle banaati ho ki nai? Irrespective of being home maker? Log kya kya bahaane maarte hain pickle naahi banaane ke.

    Ye toh lajawaab hai.


  7. Oh! so glad I have others like me in this ‘ aisa he hota hai hamesha’ type of world. I do not fit any of those points… I often tell my peers I am a good homemaker but in a traditional sense, I am a dud.
    So my friend even when you are not with the herd that does not mean you are wrong. You have a working head and a reflective heart unlike others.


  8. Guess what? I work full time but I call my self a home-maker.
    So, I am a working home maker cos without me the chores at home can’t be completed. Looking at your list – other than current affairs, I have failed at all and I am happy to fail. Food – can be bought or a help can cook, pickles are better in store if one wants to eat – we don’t cos it is high on oil and salt, my MIL is awesome – touchwood – no complaints and kitty parties? Who has the time? I prefer my blogger meets 🙂
    Fun post Anamika and trust me you haven’t failed!

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  9. A homemaker is anything but a failure. I don’t accept it. Setting expectations is everybody’s birth right. Just like breaking rules is in everyone’s blood. I make my own rules and I break them. Here I would like to acknowledge that my in-laws had high expectations from me because of our inter-regional marriage. But now that they know me well (the lazy bum) they are happy with whatever little I manage to do. Or so I would love to believe. 😀


  10. Not sure if I should laugh on the missing part in your life or congratulate you on the remaining four!

    But I do know there are many more expectations from a homemaker!


  11. And you not having any of the above qualities sound so great… At least there is someone who is not like the above mentioned ones!



  12. I agree that every role comes with a set of expectations and more so, with the homemaker/housewife/stay-at-home mum who bears most of this burden as expectations are dumped upon this person layer upon layer – as you succintly summed it up in those 5 points. However, it takes an entire lifetime of hard work to try and fulfill even a fraction of it to everyone’s expectations!!! There was a time when women tried their best to live up to that too but I’m glad to see that things have changed now. We are happy to scoff at such things and proudly declare that we do not wish to be any of that…many women still have no choice but to live that role. It is a privilege to exercise that freedom to say that we wish to be defined by our own standards and set our own yardstick of what success is.
    I am glad to give you company in many of those criterias, Anamika 🙂 A good enough reason to blog! 😀


  13. Oh, if that’s failing then you’re not alone (I can join you!). In fact people fail to understand that how difficult it is to be a home-maker (More difficult when she’s a mother, even more difficult when the kid is a toddler! And it’s strenuous when she has a dream to chase).


  14. I think the last two expectations are more of a perception. This is generally what others perceive about homemakers. The first three points are very true. It’s more like that if she can’t even do these things, what does she do at home all day


  15. This is where culture comes in, too, I think. Certainly, homemakers here are a bit judged as well, but fortunately, they are not expected or thought to be doing 4 out of 5 in the list. Cultural differences can really be interesting.


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