Doubts and mind’s meanderings #Monday Musings

I have 2 blog drafts sitting in my diary which I penned on Sunday for this week’s Monday Musings and here I am seething with doubt and posting none of them today.

While one of them is about yet another antics of Dhruv, the other is about how I see and handle things, differently from others, in a particular aspect of life. I am uncertain as to what is it that I do, week after week? Am I bombarding the readers and friends with ‘Look how smart is Dhruv? Look how wise am I?’ This is far from true. He can be awarded the world’s most clingiest child award who also has the tendency to become difficult and stubborn. I had an ugly argument with my mother this morning, upon nothing,which resulted in Dhruv missing his school bus. Too much for smartness and wisdom.

What do I write about? Motherhood, parenting, everyday stories? I consider myself to be that 24*7 mother who is widely loathed in different forums. Yes I am that kind of mother whose 24 hours revolve around her child, who gave up her job and consequently the career, gave up the constant need to battle, adjusted her interests and aspirations (or the lack of it) to suit the circumstances and the requirements of the child. I am the woman whom working mothers consider a threat and accuse of adopting the easy life. To tell you all, years ago I chose peace over struggle and I can assure you there is contentment in peace. At the same time I understand my definition of peace can be different from your definition. My advice is – ‘Schedule an appointment with a 24*7 mother and get to know her before loathing and despising her, you might come to know what you deem as sacrifices is just another way of life, a happier way of life.

This post makes me discover the fact that it is okay with being doubtful once in a while and taking stock of things. Sometimes, merely letting the mind wander aimlessly can also serve to explore a hidden closet of the mind.

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  1. It’s not easy being a 24*7 mother…I have seen my mother do it and doing it for the past 3 months makes me think how hard it is..Now, I have plans to get back to work but I have realised staying at home and making everything easy and perfect for the child and family is not easy and is actually something that needs to be appreciated and applauded..

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  2. Ah! so you are on the other end of the spectrum of the career woman. But to each her own. Its your life and your wish to plan it. You do not have to live up to others criteria. At the end of the day, it is your satisfaction and peace that matters. We all want to do what is good for our families and also for us. Sometimes, the benefits are monetary, sometimes it is not. So why doubt. Be happy.

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  3. Apart from the bespectacled look( Not a regular though) I so agree with you. I am the child of working parents while myself am a SAHM. I remember the pity in peoples eyes when they realized I had left a flourishing carrier. Well, for a while I too took pity on myself but not anymore and while staying at home I realized things are tougher this end as there is no holiday or raise or promotion that keeps office work motivated.

    I actually have more respect for women who toil hard, either ways!

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  4. Apart from The bespectacled look that I adorn from time to time I so second your thoughts here. Although my parents are working I chose to leave a flourishing carrier midway to chose the other path. The time demanded that. I often saw pity in other peoples eyes which I failed to understand for each person knows the consequences of their action and as long as it is not causing any tremor how it affects other people is beyond my little brain.

    Although I am still bad at gossiping and miss my cubicle sometimes my respect for SAHM has increased.

    For me there is no formula to life so as long as each leaves the earth with happiness and peace of mind, they lived their best no matter which path they chose.

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  5. am not commenting on what you have written apart from the aspect of ur ugly fight with your mom. I thought i was the only one to fight with mom.
    But my mom is the bestest. And do not feel bad about the ugly fight, ur mom will forgive. 🙂


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