N Madam is the best – #Monday Musings

It has been 2 weeks since Dhruv’s school has been open after the winter break. And, suddenly the load of homework has increased substantially. I have been reeling under the pressure of making him practice writing the numbers and small letters in cursive everyday but more than me it is him who is doing the harder work.

One afternoon when I was checking his school bag for homework, I became anxious and mentioned to him that his madam is giving way too much homework everyday and this is not right. Immediately he interjected, “Mummy, Don’t say anything against my N madam. She is the best person in the world.”

Dhruv is very fond of his N madam. His questions these days revolve around exploring more about N madam.

Q1. I am going to be 5 years old. How old is N madam?

Q2. Does she have her own children?

Q3. Are her children as old as me?

Q4. I want to go to her house to meet her. Where does she live?

The last question has bugged me during whole of the winter holidays.

I told him, “I do not have her address, so we cannot go to her place.”

He had his answer ready, “We will use Google Maps to know the way to her home.”

I tried explaining, “But Google maps needs address to tell the way and we do not have that.”

Sounding very intelligent he said, “Remember, the last time we were going to the zoo, you just entered Bangalore Zoo in it and it showed us the whole way. We did not know the zoo’s address then, did we?

I sighed. I was losing the argument. I kept harping upon Address, Address, Address and he kept chanting Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps.

I felt like raking my head hard in order to come up with a smart logic to counter him. However, I came up with a rather silly one, “She is your madam. Madams are in school. If we go to her home, she won’t remain your N madam but will become N aunty.” “So? Where is the problem? I want to go to her place” said he.

All spent, I gave up, “OK. I will take you to N madam’s place if you bring her address written in your almanac.”

Last week, this episode took a new turn when I caught him in the act of calling up Starbucks Coffee. He was placing a home delivery order for chizza (KFC’s new invention) and chicken fry. I asked him why was he ordering all this when we do not eat this?. I was enlightened with great austerity, “This is for my N madam. She likes chizza and chicken fry. She is visiting our home on Sunday.” I was then gestured to stay hushed since he was still on the call with Starbucks Coffee. The next thing I heard him inquiring whether those people have a bike or a truck for delivery. Whatever was said from other side of the phone call, Dhruv ended the call with, “Come by plane.”

On Sunday (yesterday) evening, I found him ruminating. He cried, ” I forgot to give my address to madam. How will she come now?” I pacified him by telling him to give our address to Madam positively on Monday when he goes to school.

This is surely going to continue for this week as well. While the whole ‘Meeting Madam’ has been giving me headache and laughter, it also makes me feel grateful to N madam for creating an atmosphere in the class where my little boy feels loved and cared for. I think I will have to send a letter to his madam thanking her and expressing his wish.

April 2016: Update – Sending the letter to his teachers (he had 2 teachers to be precise) did not come easy. I was all set to write the letter to his teachers but then it looked like a weird idea. Questions plaguing my mind were They have busy lives themselves. They have families to look after. Why will they commit their personal time visiting a student’s home? Was it even right for me to invite them over to honour Dhruv’s fascinating idea? So, I did nothing about it for the next 2 months. Eventually, Dhruv’s persistence resulted in his teachers paying us a visit at home one day in the month of March, close to the school session ending.

Read the emotional turn of events in the following post N Madam is the best Part 2

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#Monday Musings


  1. Haha..I remember arguing with my Mum about the pronunciation of a word (Mum was right) and saying just the way my teacher said it, because after all, she was the teacher!
    I guess all little boys have a crush on their teachers! 😉 Keep us posted on the visits.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ay, my son does the same. Asks about where his teacher lives and if she has kids and how her house is and things like this. Although he was doing this when the teacher would be really nice to him and let him be his crazy self. The director has asked the teacher to be more controlling and now my son doesn’t like her so much anymore. ay ay ay.
    Now she is teacher bad mood when it was all hugs.
    I don’t like that director very much.


  3. Children are close to their teachers and it is really good as the teacher seems a good one. My son also has these fondness for some of his teachers. Over the weekend he has copied many nursery videos on a pen drive for his ma’am as her child is 4 or 5 years old. I even told him to not get such tasks to be done. But he reasoned, ‘Mom, we have a laptop and good connection. We should help miss.’ I had nothing to counter him with.


  4. Oh kids are so cute..But your are right it’s wonderful to know that a teacher has created such a positive impression in a child’s mind, very rare to find such teachers these days ,no?


  5. 🙂 🙂 N Madam.. should we all bloggers unite for Dhruv’s search for N madam’s address, to surprise her with cheeza and chicken fry .. 🙂 🙂 teachers are lucky that way to have a loyal fan following ..


  6. Aww! Dhruv is soooo cute!! You must let Ms N know about his wish and make it make it happen real soon 😀
    Looking forward to your update on the same 🙂


  7. The teacher is right and mom is not phase has begun in my home too! Well… I agree that we need to be thankful to the teachers that they make our little ones feel so loved at school 🙂 Do tell what happened when you sent that letter.


  8. hehe! So, Dhruv has a crush. lovely way of presenting. You’ve made the whole conversation so lively in this post. Even i wanna meet madam N. 😛


  9. This is the sweetest thing I have read this morning! What a beautiful, pure and innocent age this is, when children have such reverence and love for their teachers. Ms. N must be quite an influence, I guess. Do let us know how the visit with N Madam went 🙂


  10. Aw this is cute. My daughter loved her teacher so much she would go to say hello long after she had passed out of her class. Teachers do have such an important role to play in our kids’ lives. Glad your son has found a good one. Wonder if the KFC guys are hiring that plane to send across his order ;-).


  11. Very cute post…and Dhruv is right…N Ma’am must have weaved her magic on him! I remember my son going through a similar phase! Childhood is a wonderful age and you can relive your own childhood through these innocent moments. As you’ll discover, each stage in their life will bring in something new….hugs to the little one…tell him I will surely come to see him one day 🙂


  12. Ha ha ha….kids these days are always ready with counter attacks. And their answers/expressions leave us feeling like defeated army. The teacher must be really special. She ought to be sent a sweet letter acknowledging it. She’ll treasure it like my mom still treasures the hundreds of greeting cards received from her students.


  13. Aww…Dhruv is so adorable. You really should write a note to his teacher. 🙂

    Pssstt.. What’s a Chizza? :O


  14. That’s so sweet. It is a blessing to have such teachers who kids love and admire seamlessly. So what happened? Did Dhruv give your address to N Madam or did he manage to get her address?


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