Let me introduce myself…#Monday Musings

Recently, I joined a blogging group B-A-R and I was asked to introduce myself on its Facebook page. Now, believe it or not I spent half a day pondering upon which aspects of my personality and life to bring out as my introduction.

I weighed upon several aspects about where to begin, what to include, whether I should limit it to the mention of things from the surface or should I introduce something from my deeper self.

Introduction is a great way of knowing ourselves in addition to, off course, letting others know who we are. As we keep growing in life, we add a good deal of facets to our personality. We constantly discover more about ourselves and thus our introduction also keeps changing with the times.

The questions those prevailed in my mind, that day, were –

  • Shall I begin my introduction from the time I became a mother or from the time prior to becoming a mother?
  • Shall I tell about the places I have lived and been to in life?
  • Shall I introduce myself as an introvert who used to take ages to connect to people but today find it much easier to recognize personalities I can connect with?
  • Shall I introduce myself as a solitude seeker who is forever on the run away from larger groups of people and crowds?
  • Shall I reveal that I consider myself to be on a spiritual quest who believes in the power of mind more than anything else and in the intrinsic connection our soul has with the Divine which compels me to go inwards?
  • Shall I point out once again that reading and writing form a vital part of my existence today and that I cannot write if I am not reading & vice-a-versa?
  • Shall I make it obvious by mentioning I practice parenting with awareness and I am in the process of raising a reader for life?
  • Shall I drop in that I can be as mad and funny and serious as I can be?
  • Shall I let out a little secret that I keep wondering about the grammar usage in my posts whether I am getting it alright?

After letting my thinking horses run berserk for half a day, I finally agreed upon pulling their leash hard on and introduced myself as below-

I am a nomad. I have lived at many places (though not as much as the army people). I enjoy moving, packing, unpacking, settling down and even winding up. I carry within me every city I have lived in without ever getting attached to any of them and thus have been able to uproot myself everytime, without the slightest pain. May be I am not rooted to the earth.
I was born in my native village near Aligarh in U.P. I started my schooling in Guwahati and finished it in Mathura, courtesy my father’s transferable job. I moved to Delhi for higher studies, later settled down there with job and marriage. Subsequently, I followed husband wherever his work took him to, and ended up living in Chicago, UK and now Bangalore.
Preston, UK was the place where I gave birth to my blog 2 years ago. It was then called ‘I know nothing about it’. The ‘it’ in the blog’s name referred to parenting and it carried tales of a bewildered parent, that was me. Blogging helped me find more such clueless and bewildered mothers and the awakening dawned that I was not alone knowing nothing. Bonding with the likes of equally ignorant and know nothing mothers gave me confidence (ironically).
Now my blog’s name is ‘The bespectacled mother’ and this is who I am – a 4.7 year old mother (this is my son’s age) with thick glasses on my eyes. I am growing up everyday along with my son and my blog, these days, houses my growing up stories.

P.S. Aligarh, Guwahati, Mathura and Delhi are cities in India and Chicago is a city in USA.

Friends and readers, would you like to join me, take some time out and introduce yourself to the fellow readers here on this page? You are free to explore whichever aspects of your life you wish to.

I am co-hosting #MondayMusings today with Corinne Rodrigues.

Join us with your #MondayMusings post.

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#Monday Musings


  1. If I had read that introduction (assuming I didn’t know of you/your blog), I know for certain you’d be just the kind of person I want to be friends with. You’re wonderful.


  2. Nice to know more about you, Anamika. 🙂 You’ve certainly seen quite a bit of the world and that’s a wonderful thing. I bet you’re a great Mom, too.


  3. What a great introduction! And I am speaking here specifically of the questions you list. Somehow to my mind they say a lot more about you, your way of thinking, your process of becoming self-aware than the actual introduction you write 🙂 I am sure you know what I mean!


  4. You’re a wonderful writer Anamika and your introduction just gives out your multi-faceted personality! I’m fortunate to have connected with you in 2015 and getting to know you as a person. I can see quite a few things in common with you there and know there must be enough reasons why we connected instantly 🙂
    Lovely post…tempted to take up the offer of posting an introduction although it makes me equally nervous doing so! Will try though…


  5. That was a lovely introduction Anamika. I could identify with much of it having lived in a number of cities . Also that u have many and varied interests makes it tougher. But I think all of us are many people in one.


  6. I loved that introduction – what a diverse group of people bloggers are. I’ve lived in the same place for nearly 30 years, and have never been off the North American continent. After reading this, I said to myself “what an interesting person!”


  7. Nice introduction that you have come up with Anamika, not too much information, but enough info to understand about you and your blog on the surface.
    Now, you also made me think a lot to introduce myself 🙂 I am a software tester by profession and love finding bugs in the software. I am a mother of 2 kids and slowly becoming a confident mother day by day with the experiences. I love writing, dancing, singing (though my voice is not supporting these days), travelling, reading books and doing craft activities with my kids. Though master of none, I love keeping my foot on many boats 🙂


  8. Hi Anamika! So nice to have met you through your blog! And your introduction has been perfect! Crisp!
    The thing that caught my eye, was about you not getting attached to places/things. You know that’s one tough thing to do for many people. At least to me, it is! You are lucky! 😀
    Good to have you at BAR. I am sure you will love the place. 😊


  9. Wow Anamika… that is such a nice introduction. I like the elements you have added about growing up and then growing as a moher. The 4.7 year old mother bit is a sweet touch… it is true indeed that our parenting age comes from our children… loved it!


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