Resolutions and Promises – #Monday Musings

I see Facebook filled with numerous posts of new year resolutions which makes me wonder whether I should too become a part of the bandwagon and make a few resolutions or just be passive about that. Being passive will be so easy (comes so naturally to me). And in case I choose to surf the resolutionary tides ( will not be so difficult either atleast the resolution making part, attainment could be a question later on), then what should I resolve to do in 2014.

Resolution I have a couple of ‘To dos’ with which I am kind of struggling at present.
Firstly, my weighty concerns. Loosing weight has been on my mind ever since Dhruv was born but the possibilty of doing that even in this new year looks bleak enough with my full time occupation as a mother which keeps me on my toes 24×7 and evidently no support system.
Secondly, its the challenge of potty training my stubborn toddler. (Potty training is a huge issue in the west while its like cakewalk in India). His stubborness keeps on winning over my persistence. Its just been a few times that he has been kind enough to let me know when he wants to go for a pee or a poo and to grant me exactly a minute to cater to him. But a baby potty seat is too small and uncomfortable to him and the big toilet seat way too big for him (in his mind). I am still hopeful he will make it through atleast by his 3rd birthday. This is more like a team effort and just my making a resolution in this regard will be harsh on me.

So what else to resolve.
One thing which I can think of is surely that I can promise myself to be happy no matter what the situation in life will be.

This is a Facebook status update I posted on Jan 1st, 2014. This was a month prior to the time I began blogging. I wrote this for myself which is visible from the lock (privacy setting) in the image above.

Again, it is that time of the year where resolutions become the preferred flavour.

In the personal space, while I have come a long way from the potty training days, the weighty issues still persist. And, I have resolved to work on it with thorough perseverance. From today, I have started attending the yoga classes. This time my support system is my parents who will push me, I know for sure, to the hilt and would not let me quit during the time that they are here. My body aches as I am writing this post.

Next, my plan is to start a book club with Dhruv’s friends once I get into the healthier routine.

In the blogging space, I resolve to experiment more with writing short fiction and reading other bloggers’ work of fiction. Until now, I was of the opinion that fiction writing is not for me. The other plan is to overcome my handicap of running away from longer blog posts. I resolve to give my time and energy to reading blogs which I consider lengthier.

And, most importantly,  I promise myself to be happy and positive no matter what the situation in life will be.

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#Monday Musings


  1. Great attitude! Resolutions are meant to be broken anyways and weight is something that defies the law of gravity – the only thing that goes up and NEVER comes down


    1. I agree weight defies gravity – goes up and up and requires a lot of efforts to bring it down. This year I am going to be a 5 year old Mama which means I have lived 5 years doing nothing with this. It is time for change.


      1. I concur ! It dawned on me ( literally ) when my 4 year old casually replied to my statements like “I cant carry you anymore when we are in mall ; I have back issues ” .. Aarna said ” Mom you should start exercising ” .. She was right 🙂

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  2. I love looking back at the things I’ve said/written a year ago – really gives you a clear idea of how far you’ve come, even if it feels like you haven’t made any progress at all.

    May this year ahead be your best one yet! ❤

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  3. Being happy comes automatically to me, so does being resilient.. but it is being resilient I think that should be given priority.. resilience from begin lazy to an active self, to continue doing something which has stopped, to get back to the happy state when things have gone wrong.. All best with the yoga classes. I love SNs.. one of my favourite forms of exercise.


    1. You have given me food for thought. And I have to agree resilience ought to be given more importance. Although being and staying happy is the desired state but we do deviate. In such cases of deviations, being resilient is what should help. Good point 🙂

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  4. Anamika, I understand the potty training struggles. I have gone through with that process with my first one and yet to start for the second who is 1 year old. Weight issues concern me too, i want to start dancing regularly as this is better than going to gym. As of now I have parent’s support, have to think of options in future. Completely agree with your last point, being happy tops my list of goals every year.

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  5. That was such an evocative post, Anamika. Heart touching too. Congratulations on the Yoga classes. It will do you good, physically and mentally. Certain problems, rather lots of problems are supposed to come along with a baby. You will get over those and remember the escapades of Dhruv with a smiling face later in life. Dhruv is a great kid. He will come around 🙂

    Have a great year ahead! Keep writing too 🙂

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