The day I turned Anne…

Over the last weekend, I read Anne of Green Gables and the least I can say is I turned Anne myself, minus the talkative part.

Anne is a dreamy and a highly imaginative girl who sees beauty all around in her surroundings. Reading it led me to recall how was I when I had been 11 years old. But, I could remember nothing.

Here is an excerpt from the book –

With one small turn, they were on the “Avenue” – a short stretch of road with trees lining both sides; a tunnel of leaves, branches, and blossoms. Its beauty struck the child dumb. She clasped her hands together and looked at the trees with awe.

When they turned onto another road she said, “Oh, Mr. Cuthbert, that’s the first place I’ve seen that couldn’t be improved by imagination. It’s so beautiful, I can feel it in my chest. It’s like an ache. I’ve felt that ache many times. I shall call that place the White Way of Delight. It really is the only name for it.”

They passed a gray house with a pond nearby. ” Oh, look at that pond, Mr. Cuthbert, I will name it the Lake of Shining Waters.”

Wasn’t it magical? Didn’t it make you imagine that you are passing by that White Way of delight even though you were seated somewhere reading this excerpt? Did the Lake of Shining Waters not make you remember the last time you were on the banks of a river or a lake watching the sun rays sparkling and dancing in the water?

The next morning, which was a Monday and a school day, I was walking Dhruv through the building basement to drop him off at the school bus. At this time, every morning, there are car cleaners frantically cleaning and washing the cars parked in the basement and there are small streams of water flowing everywhere from one side to the other given the fact that the basement is inclined at several places. That morning, I saw those streams differently. I told Dhruv, “Look these are rivers flowing from here to there” and giggled childishly. And, my little 4.5 year old child cut me short in a serious tone, “Oh Mummy, there is no need to laugh about this” which made me laugh more at the role reversals.

Moving further, I saw a big car standing in a large pool of water. I pointed to Dhruv, “This is a ship standing still, with its anchor down, in the sea”.

I simply refused to grow up.

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  1. What a lovely post, Anamika! I think we all need to do this every once in a while. As we grow up, the sense of wonder and magic is all but lost to us! Reading your post reminded me that we all need to keep that child within to come out and see the world anew πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Anamika. You liked the book na? You must read the entire series! I have it on my kindle and dip into it as and when I fancy! Lovely post…..keep the child in you alive πŸ™‚

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  3. It’s a book I keep meaning to read. We were there, in PEI, where everything is Anne of Green Gables, and I didn’t read the book. I think I missed out.

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  4. I loved Ann of Green Gables and am glad that you are still able to dream and feel the world in your own way. I also love your new look blog. Are you going to change the header picture every now and then?

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    1. Thank you mumbai granny for visiting πŸ™‚ Children’s classics are such that they can even make an adult dream and believe in magic. As for the header picture, I do not have any plans to change it frequently. I found this new pic on pixabay and thought it will go perfectly well with my blog’s context.


  5. Join the club.. me and my bunch of friends do this so often on the road, that passerby who happen to overhear our conversation wonder whether they and us are walking on the same road as we are… πŸ™‚ #aquarianmadness

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