I see the light of hope

The last 3 days that went by poured news after news of killings, mass murder and hate crimes. There was a couple who shot innocent people in a mall in Los Angeles. Police termed this as terrorism. Then I read about the Montreal massacre which took place on 6th Dec 1989 in which the killer separated the women from among the students in a college and shot them killing 14 and injuring another 14. His reason was he despised feminists. Today morning I sat down with my tea and the newspaper, a news article which could not escape my eyes was about a man who stabbed 3 commuters at an Underground Tube station in London declaring “This is for Syria”.

Don’t these 3 incidents and a lot others compel us to meditate upon where is this world moving to and what legacy are we going to leave behind for our children?

What are we fighting for?

Do we realise it takes just 24 hours of incessant rains to wipe out everything rendering everyone the same – meek, helpless and knelt down before the fury of nature, leaving no distinction between the perpetrators and their victims.

And so we carry on holding that thread of kindness and compassion as hope. While we are insignificant in the macro scheme of things, we continue our acts of hope in the micro settings.

Thus, when I see the common citizens volunteering and helping with the relief work in Chennai floods, I see hope.

When I find myself compelled to go beyond my limitation to do things physically in order to collect and put together, whatever I can in a span of 15 minutes, to contribute to the relief material being sent to Chennai from our complex, I see hope.

When I see Dhruv and his friend lending their hands to a little boy, who is having a hard time climbing the steps of the slide in the park, pulling him up, I see hope.

When I witness Dhruv religiously picking up all the vegetables scattered on the floor, having spilled from their respective crates in the vegetable shop and placing them back in their crates, I see hope.

Hoping that ‘HOPE’ forms a virtuous circle, I contribute my bit by sending positive thoughts to the volunteers doing the good work, by being more compassionate towards myself and by appreciating Dhruv for all his kind deeds.

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  1. Hope survives and on hope humanity survives. Very insightful post. I found myself recollecting the times of misery when I kept myself breathing simply owing to the surge of hope I received from my parents and friends.

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    1. All through my growing up years, the one Hindi phrase/idiom that I heard often was “Ummeed par duniya kayam hai.” Your thought ‘On hope survives humanity’ reminds me of that. It is hope that keeps us going.


    1. Thank you Damyanti. I wish to tell you when I started blogging in the early part of 2014 and the only readers who commented on my posts were my 2 school friends, at that time you gave me hope by reading one of my post and leaving an encouraging comment 🙂


    1. The news channels do not have the time slots to give us positive news because there is too much ill and destruction happening around the world to be covered. Only we, ourselves, can make a difference. Hope and positivity are always around the corner near us 🙂


  2. This is such a hopeful post, Anamika. I am very happy to read this inspiring post. There is still hope in this world and we are that hope. 🙂


    1. We are that hope and we have to be that hope. I want to tell you, Vinitha, that night when I had just 15 minutes time to collect whatever things I could for the relief material as the truck from my apartment complex was to leave in that time duration, I weighed my ability to explore through the house and pack things up. One part of me said you cannot get this done so soon, therefore leave it and the other part of me told me that if I don’t do this I won’t be able to sleep tonight. And I listened to my latter part. Our conscience always has the power to show us the right thing to do.


  3. The greatest of deeds/seeds of hope are sometimes buried within the rubble we see everyday. Finding the beauty in those things is priceless and gives me hope as well! Beautifully written post! Thank you for adding your *hope* out into the world as well! Very inspiring.

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  4. True, Anamika. It is hope that gives us the courage and the will to keep moving forward in difficult times. Without it, all is lost. Like that saying in Hindi – Umeed pe duniya kayam hai.. 🙂

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    1. Congratulations for your Liebster award. Thank you so much for remembering me in your nominations. I have to humbly mention that I have stopped doing award posts for sometime now but nonetheless thank you again for the nomination.


  5. The Chennai rains and floods was a reality check on what really matter! It think it is natural calamities like what happened last week and the effort put by the various people that balances out the hope factor! There is still hope left and a lot of good in humanity.. which I guess even people themselves realized during the floods. To hope 🙂

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