What story do I tell today?

Dhruv’s father has been away from home for work since last month and thus, his bedtime storytelling department has also got entrusted to me. Therefore, every night after our reading ritual, as soon as the light is switched off I am required to tell a story. I repeat the same story every night for as long as the listener wants me to.

 In the past few days, I delved into my childhood to fish out a story from my 1 Std’s English Reader book. The story is about a lion and a mouse and how they became friends by helping each other. While I remember the second part of the story clearly, I have made up the first part on my own since I am hardly able to recall that one and being a lazy bum I did not google it.

Story – A lion was strolling around in the jungle when he heard the squeaky cries of a mouse “Help! Help!”. When the lion went closer to the sound he saw a mouse in the clutches of a cat whose mouth was drooling. Just when the cat was about to gobble up the mouse, the lion ran towards them and slapped the cat with his paw. The scared cat ran away and the mouse’s life gets saved. The mouse promised to help the lion in future but the lion dismissed him saying “Look at you! You tiny mouse. I am the king of the jungle. You think I am going to need your help. Hahaha. Run away.”

The lion and the mouse

A few days later, the mouse was passing by when he heard the lion’s meek roars. He moved closer to see that the lion had been caught in a hunter’s net. The hunter wasn’t anywhere in sight. The mouse went near the lion and saw a teary-eyed lion. He was sobbing that the hunter would soon come to take him to the circus for shows. The mouse then cut the whole net quickly with his sharp teeth and freed the lion. The lion thanked him and both of them became friends.

Twists and Turns – 

The first night I told the story, Dhruv asked a few questions –

“Who is a hunter? Is he a bad man? What is a circus?”

The second night, after I finished the story, Dhruv gave the ending a fresh twist.

Dhruv – “And then the lion and mouse go for a walk. They see a tiger stuck in the net, the mouse cuts that net too and all three of them become friends.”

Third night –

Dhruv – “While the lion and the mouse were walking away, the hunter returns. He runs after both of them, catches them with his hands and takes them to the circus.”

I see….we are two storytellers in the making here.

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  1. I still remember the lion and mouse story! I guess, good stories leave that strong an impact on you. I liked Dhruv! He has started showing the subtle signs of growing up to be a story teller at heart. Like mother, like son? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love his imagination! Telling stories has quickly become one of my favourite parenting pastimes. Mine aren’t nearly as interesting as Dhruv’s! 🙂


  3. Dhruv has a very good imagination. 🙂 Telling stories for Kanna is not my forte! He asks so many questions and wear me down with them. And yet I have to tell stories, just for him amusement. 🙂


    1. I know..kids and their never ending questions 🙂 Many a times I have to tell Dhruv that I have had too many questions for that part of the day and I need a break. I then give him a future event like after dinner or snacks that he can pursue his questions then.


  4. He should be telling YOU the stories 🙂

    Believe it or not, the Wonder Pets did a variation of this story. How sad that my brain is still filled with Wonder Pets episodes! Even after all these years.


    1. His telling me stories…I will tell you the interesting part. With my father, he did it like a game. Dhruv asked my father to say a line and then he took over making a story out of it. Then he would stop and would ask again for a line to make another story out of it.


  5. Yes, this is one of those stories that unites us all. I remember this one from my childhood too. I love your son’s variations, and how wonderful he’s following the footsteps of both his parents.

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    1. Oh you are back after the surgery! I wasn’t expecting a visit from you so soon. Wishing you speedy recovery. Take lots of care 🙂 Last night I told him the story about the race of tortoise and hare where the lesson is slow and steady wins the race. His variation was “a tiger and a deer were racing. Both of them ran and came first and got the prize, the wooden cups. Nobody lost the race.” I told him his story was wonderful. A story where everyone wins and nobody looses is a wonderful story 😉


      1. That is definitely a wonderful variation on the tortoise and hare!

        I am amazed at how well I’m recovering, especially after watching my mother struggle after the same surgery (but different procedure). I have limitations on what I can do for the next six weeks, but my surgical pain is already so much less than I had before the surgery. Thank you again for your kind well wishes!

        Liked by 1 person

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