Gratitude List – Oct 2015

In the last week of September, we headed out on a 2 day trip to Coorg. On the way to Coorg, we missed the turn leading to Mysore Road and the GPS (Google Maps) on my phone recalculated the route putting us on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway for 108 kms. It is one of the best highways in India with scenic beauty on both sides of the road. Later we got re-routed to the state highways through the interiors of Karnataka passing through the hills and the small sleepy villages on the way. Β What amused us was there weren’t any signs of humans on the roads. It began to bother us, after a while, thinking how far had we reached from the civilization and how long will the telecom signal stay, in the midst of nowhere, enabling the GPS to work. Surprisingly, the telecom signal and the GPS on the phone kept functioning throughout the journey without a miss taking us through some of the most picturesque valleys and we also reached Coorg as per our planned time. While coming back to Bangalore, we took the Mysore road and this route was nothing in comparison to the previous one.

On the trip, I had been reading the book ‘Many lives many masters‘ which talked about the concept of guardian angels. This set me thinking about the journey to Coorg. We were almost lost but at the same time we were never lost. I am highly grateful to my family’s guardian angels for protecting us that day.

And this was not the first time we got lost on our road journeys miraculously finding the right route.

In addition, I have loads to feel grateful about in the month of October.

I am grateful for –

  • The food that finds its way onto our plates and our filled stomachs without fail never ever letting us know the real hunger. I was watching a news report about the impact of sharp increase in the prices of dal (lentils) on the lives of rickshaw-pullers in Delhi. These rickshaw pullers work hard day and night in the heat and cold of Delhi and their main source of protein comes from dal. With dal getting eliminated from their diet owing to unaffordable prices, they are hugely affected.

I am grateful that I have a good life and adequate means to be able to still afford the pricey dal.

  • The water purification system installed in my kitchen to treat and purify the hard water which we get through the taps in the apartment. We use this water for drinking purpose and for hair-wash. There is acute water problem in the area I live in.
  • Getting better at cooking day-by-day inspite of the fact that I do not enjoy cooking very much.
  • The love of books I have been able to instill in Dhruv.
  • The freedom to exercise my faith in God in my own way without the compulsion of practicing the religious rituals.
  • Having a big virtual family of bloggers whose positive thoughts and prayers helped me in quickly healing from the hurt and pain I was in.

Putting this gratitude list together here reminds me that I am blessed.

Hope you all feel blessed too…

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  1. Such lovely things to be grateful for. Road trip – getting lost is find a new way. We have also lost ways many times but that’s when we get to talk to locals, check out the area and move on πŸ™‚
    Hope you are well now Anamika. Take care.


  2. I’ve been thinking of the dhal prices too, knowing that the poor always are hit the hardest. I do my bit to help a few, but feel so helpless about the many who have to struggle so hard and contend with the greed of hoarders!
    I absolutely love your post, Anamika. It’s the simple things that always touch my heart. Thank you for writing this. May your guardian angels continue to spread their wings around you and your family!

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  3. Loved reading your post, and your road trip to coorg sounds interesting, looks like my next outstation trip must be coorg. also agree with you about the water, our water filter was not functioning for two days and I realised how dependent we are on filtered water… thanks for your simple and inspiring post !


  4. Hey hi there Anamika! Very sweet list this one. We all get lost, but when we find our way, we learn lessons and become better humans. Isn’t it?
    (sorry for getting so philosophical :))


    1. You are right we do become better humans when we finf ourselves after getting lost because in this way you have got a fair idea of what is darkness or what is wrong πŸ™‚ No need for feeling sorry for being philosophical at all because here philosophy meets philosophy πŸ™‚ Thanks for finding your way to my blog today. I liked the name of your blog – blah blah of the mind, this is what seems to me about what I write.


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