I am going to feel better

I had not been writing, blogging or even reading blogs for the past 15 days. My emotions had taken me for a nose dive pulling me into the habit of procrastination. Often I found myself pondering upon the hurt people close to me meted out to me in the bygone years, thus causing myself more hurt. Any effort of creating positive thoughts did not result in favourable effect. I had been going through more instances of breathlessness such that even doing the household chores was posing a problem.

On Saturday, I traveled to Delhi to visit my parents. I am in Delhi with Dhruv for the Puja holidays. Just being with parents eases out a lot of  discomfort because with them you are not required to show off your strengths and can let out your vulnerability. Today, I visited the doctor for breathlessness. Tomorrow I have to undergo a complete body health check-up and I am sure there will be issues. But, today I am feeling slightly positive that I will find an aim, once the tests’ reports come, to focus my energies, both physical and mental, on improving my health. I am telling myself that I am going to feel better.

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  1. Array, kya huA?
    Even I am going through a similar phase. I too have a check-up coming up next week. Hope we both are gonna b fine.
    We cannot afford to b sick as we have lil one’s back home and have to blog. So cheers from my end. Sending u a big bunny smile.


  2. Hugs dear. Do the tests and follow up everything. Do necessary changes and regain your emotional and physical health. Remember there is only one copy of you and that copy is invaluable. Take care of yourself. I wasn’t keeping well either. Getting better now. Waiting to hear from you. Take care and be well. 🙂


  3. It takes courage to blog about your own vulnerable thoughts. I admire you for that.
    Somewhere I felt like you were mirroring my thoughts. Toxic people can really suck the life out of the people around them.

    Take care and persistently search for and do more things that give you joy …


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