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Marriage and career talks

2nd Oct was a holiday being Gandhi Jayanti, the birth date of Mahatma Gandhi. This meant a long weekend.

On  Saturday, we played our wedding video in which Dhruv was able to spot a lot of people but one whom he missed the most. Next, no guesses, questions came pouring in for me. 

Dhruv: Mumma, Where am I in the video? I cannot find myself?

Me: You are not there in the video.

Dhruv: But why? Why am I not there?

Me: Mumma Papa got married in 2006 and you were born 5 years later in 2011. So you see you were not born at the time we got married and hence you were not around to be in the video. (Whatever was I thinking while rendering this technical fact without ever explaining the concept of birth to him.)

Dhruv: Achha, tum mujh ko ghar par sota chod gaye the (Okay, you had left me sleeping at home)

He often lefts me reflecting over his simplified understandings. This had to be so easy, I thought. No, he did not stop at this.

Dhruv: Koi baat nahin (Never mind) Mumma, next time when you get married do take me along. (this statement is a proof that no mistake is big enough in our home that it cannot be forgiven and given another chance to mend the next time.)

Mumma: (I said lovingly) But Dhruv, shaadi to ek baar hi hoti hai aur wo mumma papa ki ho chuki. (Marriage only happens once and Mumma Papa are done with it)

Dhruv: (A very long) Okaaay. When will I get married then?

Me: Oho, first grow up.

The marriage video was terminated then. I am sure we are going to discuss a lot over marriage talks in the coming days.

On Sunday, all three of us were watching a documentary on Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Airport on National Geographic. While watching it, something struck Amit and a rollicking chat followed –

Papa: Dhruv, you become a pilot when you grow up.

Dhruv: (A very long and a cold response) Okaaaay. (I think this is becoming his signature style these days)

I looked at Amit who was surprised at Dhruv’s cold response and I got compelled to laugh.

After a minute or so…

Dhruv: Papa, I will get a pilot’s shirt and after wearing it I will become a pilot.

By now, Amit also joined me in the rollick. So, we have a Raja babu at home. (Does anyone remember Govinda’s movie Raja Babu and the relevance here?)

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18 thoughts on “Marriage and career talks

  1. This reminded me of my friend’s grandson who told her to stop hugging him and to get married and have her own babies to hug instead!

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  2. Lol! funny. I guess most kids wonder where were they when parents got married 😀 Dhruv is witty I would say 🙂

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  3. Little ones are great for making us rethink simple answers. I remember many conversations like this with my three – seems like a million years ago they were that small. Thanks for the smile!

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  4. Too funny. I love how their brains work.

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  5. hahahaha that Raja Baju part was hilarious 😀
    Good luck with the marriage talk and the questions to be followed. 😛

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    • the bespectacled mother on said:

      Prior to this Raja Babu had already demanded for a police’s and a teacher’s dress to become police and teacher respectively 😀


  6. Very funny Dhruv….. Mithu was also attacking me with such questions earlier…..:) 🙂 😛

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  7. Kids! They have their own logic.

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  8. Kids can be so literal. I like how their minds work sometimes. He could not even comprehend the thought of him not existing with the both of you – that is is wonderful.

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  9. Very funny! Kids, they never stop thinking and the questions come endless. 🙂

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  10. Don’t you love how easy things seem for kids that age? Not in the wedding video, okaayyy, just get married again and put me in that video… becoming a pilot, okaaayyyy, just buy a shirt 🙂 Love it!

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