#Microblog Mondays 19 : Past life regression

Last week, I got to know about past life regression from a blogger’s blog post. The idea that someone known has been through this experience was highly intriguing and interesting for me. Reading that post created a plethora of questions in my mind about this therapy, the answers to which I did not know where to find.

There is a small library in my apartment which is actually a mess with books bundled on top of one another. It is not a place to visit if you have a certain book to read on your mind because there is no way you can search for your desired book physically and also there are no records or book lists.

With no particular book on my mind, I visited the library a day after reading that post on past life regression. While I was scanning around, my eyes fell upon a book on the same subject kept on top of one bundle and instantly it caught my attention. I brought it home and finished reading it in 3 days. This book has contributed to my spiritual growth by reinstating the learning I had gained a few years ago in a brief stint of my association with a spiritual organisation and which at that time was all theoretical for me.

Today I feel, may be, this book had to find a way to reach me and that blogger’s experience and post were instrumental in this.

The book is –


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  1. Oh yes, this book is transformational. I still get goosebumps when I think of it especially when it is written by a medical doctor who comes from a tradition that doesn’t believe in karma

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  2. On this topic, you were lucky that you got the best book. I have read this one and Only Love is Real. Both open your mind to a different world and so much to introspect. It’s an awesome book. One of my favorites.

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  3. I am so glad to know that you read my blog post when the time was right for you, and the book found its way to you, too! I have read that book and love(d) it! Sounds like you’re on the path to more discovery. 🙂


  4. Isn’t it so strange when the universe aligns like that and the thing you want to learn about most suddenly lands in your hands?


    1. I agree with you with respect to people not being open to give it a chance to discover more about healing this way. I suggested past life regression therapy to a friend who has a messed up life and she told me it won’t be sensible to go back in past lives and getting to know more messed up lives.


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