#Microblog Mondays 18 : Weekend equations at home

A typical weekend in my home.

Morning –

Father to son: You have woken up!! Go to your mummy and she will brush your teeth.

Father to son: Your mummy is making breakfast. Go to her, she will give you breakfast in a dish.

Father to son: Ohhh you are spilling the food all over the floor. Ask mummy to feed you.

Some time later –

Father to son: Go to mummy, she will give you a bath.

Son to father (after bath): Papa, come play with me. We will play train track/ball (endless options).

Father to son: Wait till your mummy finishes with cooking lunch. Then she will play with you.

Son to father: Papa, Iss (his friend) goes to keyboard class. I also want to go to learn keyboard playing.

Father to son: Iss is 5 years old. When you will become 5 years old, mummy will get you a keyboard and will take you to keyboard classes.

Evening –

Son to father: Papa, I want to play cricket with you. When will you play with me?

Father to son: I will play…I will play…but right now I am tired I have to take rest. In the mean time go downstairs with mummy to play in the park.

After Park –

Father to mummy: Did he complete his homework?

Mummy: Yes/No

Father: OK/Make him finish it.

Bed time after dinner –

Son to father: Today it is my day to sleep with you. Come with me to bed and tell me stories.

Father: Only one story.

Son: Not one..many..many

Father dozes off after telling one story and son’s voices could still be heard telling stories to Papa.

This is not just the story in my home. I am sure there will be many homes with the same story.

So, tell me. How is it in your home?Β 

I listened to the song ‘Cats’s in the cradle’ suggested by Lindsay and I am attaching it’s link for any of the fathers visiting this post.

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      1. About a young boy who keeps asking his dad to play or spend time with him but the dad is too busy. So the young man grows and eventually can’t be bothered to spend time with his dad, after time. Have a listen! It’s a good song.


      2. In our case Dad is too lazy πŸ˜€ I will listen to the song and make Dhruv’s father (if I can) listen to it too.


    1. What can I say Corinne….Ask the dads if they have it easy and you will get a huge ball of their hardships hurled into our faces.


  1. It is a similiar refrain across many households, across many lands. It is sad. On the other side though, there are moredads (in recent years) who are more engaged, more attentive than in the past.


    1. True Middle Girl. I would like to know about such involved dads and do they exist in the society I belong to?


  2. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Hubby has always been very involved with our kidlets. And I agree – sounds like the song, Cat’s in the Cradle (makes me cry too).


    1. You are indeed the lucky one πŸ™‚
      I guess the situation in my home has to be with the way boys are raised in my culture. They are not expected to contribute in any way in the house while they are growing up apart from the responsibilty of earning money.


  3. nice post Anamika πŸ™‚ In my case, my husband tells stories to kid, plays video games along with him, takes him to park and sometimes since their’s is boy’s gang, they tease me together


  4. That would be massively frustrating. We’ve split up the tasks so each person is the lead parent in different parts of the day.


    1. With time I learnt to get over my frustrations. Now I deal with it in a detached way. How do you both reach upon an agreement on what and how much will fall under one person? Am just being curious.


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