#Microblog Mondays 17 : The miracle tubelights

Want to impress somebody and you think good clothes and good accessories can give you that edge over others. Guess what, majority are already having them giving you tough competition. But don’t worry. I am going to give you a secret formula (shhh…don’t let the word go out). You can now have a toothpaste which can give you dazzling white teeth and that too in a week’s time. Try it and you will be able to impress anybody, anytime.

Image Source: Pixabay

Oh!! What is that you ask? Can you keep it applied over your teeth overnight and get that dazzling white shine the very next day?


First, there was Fair & Lovely skin whitening cream promising miracle in just 5 days or 5 weeks (I never really paid attention to it). Then there came body whitening cream claiming why to disregard the other body parts by keeping them darker when your face is shining like a tube light.

Next thing. Why should girls have all the fun?

Thus, all the men out there try this new Fair & Handsome cream and you too can shine like the feminine gender.

And, now, of course, the teeth whitening cream, oops toothpaste.

Imagine having too many walking tube lights around you. Get them out in the night and reduce the pressure on the thermal and hydro power stations.

I am eagerly waiting for the market to turn out the next miracle.

Are you the one who thinks all this does not work, alone or at all, in leaving an impression? Consumerism and advertising will be challenging you on every front.

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29 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays 17 : The miracle tubelights

    • the bespectacled mother says:

      Impressions on young minds is definitely a concern. Being parents, we can talk about the reality with our children and how effective is that going to be will depend on our connection with them. But, when you get to know parents with such mindsets, you feel more trouble.


  1. Traci York says:

    Years ago, my kidlets got gifts from a friend of the “As Seen on TV” variety. They were super excited for about three minutes, which was the length of time it took them to figure out the toys didn’t work even close to how they did on TV. While I was bummed that my kidlets were disappointed, it was a great lesson in the evils of advertising. Now that they’re almost grown, they are pretty savvy consumers.


    • the bespectacled mother says:

      Thankfully, in your case the children learnt their lesson without loosing anything. You mentioned it right – the evils of advertising. Thank you for visiting.


  2. Jess says:

    I am always up for trying a new product, but not super expensive ones. Advertising is unbelievable. You just can’t believe all the claims, and it would be sad to think of the uniformity of what the world would look like if all the claims were true. I like to embrace “imperfection,” but am all about keeping my neck from looking crepey or my face from breaking out even though my next birthday is the big four-oh. Sigh.

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    • the bespectacled mother says:

      Trying new products on the basis of advertising is not bad if one knows what he/she is getting in the bargain. Advertising is about brand positioning and each company looks for a new positioning space which no one else has thought of before. And thus they have to make the tallest of claims. Thanks so much for visiting 🙂


  3. Ramya says:

    ha haa walking tube lights 🙂 that thought is interesting. I feel advertising has more impact on consumers. I am worried about children, they definitely will be amused and impressed by good ads of bad products. In a toothpaste ad, a person not eating chocolate is ridiculed if he is afraid about his teeth and doesn’t use a good tooth paste. So, it says, indirectly, eat lots of chocolates, cakes and other junk food, our tooth paste is best cleaner, don’t worry about germs. What a bad message 😦 I see the impact of this ad on my kid.

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    • the bespectacled mother says:

      I can clearly see your point. And ads making false promises make the job of parents real difficult. Today I can explain my point to my 4 year old and he understands with a little questioning but when he becomes 7 or 8, I am afraid he might not get my explanation and this could be deliberate too.


    • the bespectacled mother says:

      Marketing gimmicks sure it is. I believe this product will also add considerably to the top line of the company because we are a nation obsessed with fairness and whiteness.


    • the bespectacled mother says:

      I agree Francene. If that toothpaste really has the ability to whiten teeth in one week as claimed by the advertisement, God knows what bleaching agent it would be having causing damage to the teeth and nerves.


    • the bespectacled mother says:

      Advertising definitely works. Even the wise and the intelligent are coming out in the open to say 😀 that they have been made a fool at one instance or another.

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  4. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    Ha ha …shiny teeth always reminds me of that great ad for some chewing gum, where they lit up the whole house with their smiles! We’re all never happy with our colour – some want to get white, others want to get brown! 😉


  5. Beat About The Book says:

    They do NOT work. And if they do there’s a catch for sure. I recently read about a cream being taken off the market as it contained steroids. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

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  6. Lindsay says:

    I can’t stand all of the products that are pushed our way – things we are told to “need”, or we are told we aren’t pretty enough until we buy X product, etc…I try not to buy into these things, but when we’re bombarded all over, it’s just ingrained!

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  7. writershilpa says:

    I have always found it ridiculous considering we are a nation of browns…why DO we keep running behind the goras!? 😀😀
    I love my 50 shades of brown!
    As far as the tubelights go, it will be a great idea having more of them around, esp on dark street corners. We do need some light there! 😜


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