Anna Hibiscus' Song


A few days ago, we read the book ‘Anna Hibiscus’ Song’. This is a story about a girl Anna Hibiscus who lives in amazing Africa. In the story, she is feeling very happy to the extent that she is exploding with happiness but she does not know what to do about it. So she goes and asks each of the family members what do they do when they are happy. She tries out doing all the things what others in her family do. And this further increases the happiness in her. Her mother tells her that she sits quietly when she is happy and thus Anna goes and sits in the tree, very still and quiet, and her fullness attracts the birds who come and sit close to her and sing.
We call this one ‘The Happy Book’.

Last night, while we were getting ready to sleep with lights all switched off, Dhruv was beaming with a wide smile.
Me: “What is the matter?”
He: “I am feeling happy”.
Me: “Will you share with me the reason so that I can feel happy about it too?”.
He: “I don’t have a reason”.
Me: “Are you happy like Anna Hibiscus?”
He: “Mamma, I want to go to Africa”.

Some conversations never end while taking left, right and U-turns all the time.


    1. Someday for sure. But we have a concern. We are vegetarians and it is difficult for us to sustain in most parts of the world. Though there is no harm in having an uninhibited imagination.
      I hope your sister has a nice time during the course of her work in Ethiopia πŸ™‚

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