#Microblog Mondays 14 : A little more pride with Independence Day

It was India’s 68th Independence Day on 15th August.

Independence Day used to fill me with a sense of pride when I was in school probably because of the teachers who instilled its importance in us every year. However, later, as years went by it got reduced to just another holiday coupled with the fear incited by news sources to stay safe in the wake of terror alerts.

This year, the fervour of Independence Day returned with Dhruv’s school organising various activities during the whole of the last week. This kept me thoroughly involved with him. He participated in a patriotic dance activity at school. Everyday he would show me a few dance steps at home.

He got introduced to the Indian Flag. He was required to take 2 flags to school for the purpose of the dance. So, I thought instead of buying it from the market (I did not press hard on buying it after the 2 shops, I enquired in, refused), let me make them at home so that Dhruv also gets involved in the process. We discussed the 3 colours of national flag – Saffron (orange), white, green and the blue colour in the chakra (wheel) while colouring the flag.

The flags we made

On last Monday, the children of his class were to speak 2 lines in English about the respective state they come from as part of ‘National Integration Day’ celebrated in the school. I tried twice or thrice to make him practice his lines over the prior weekend but then stopped when I saw he was not showing any interest.

The lines were –

‘I am from Delhi. Delhi is the capital of India’.

On Monday, while getting him ready for school I again reminded him of the lines. I was not sure that he would speak them in the class since it was his first time with an activity like this.

That day he came back from school, all excited showing me the 2 stars his teacher had given him which were pasted on his school ID card. The stars were the reward for those 2 lines Β spoken by him. Yes, he did speak those lines, I could not believe it. I feel very proud of him.

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    1. Thank you Ramya. The schools help in doing a better job of instilling patriotism in little children.


    1. Thank you Ankita I impressed myself too with that not having been the arty-crafty types. πŸ˜€


  1. I agree how I-Day used to be and how they have become. On those flags, woman – you are awesome! That is pretty neat and I wouldn’t have guessed it is done at home hadn’t you mentioned! Dhruv – how cool! Isn’t it? Children surprise us all the time. I think they are the newer generation. They got to be smarter than us! πŸ˜€


    1. You know what Parul…I have never been the arty-crafty type. I used to dread my art class in school and was very glad when I passed 10th Std for not having to do art or craft ever. But, guess what i have to do it now with Dhruv. And you are not the only one who says awesome for my effort since even i patted my back on doing a neat job. The happiest feeling when you surprise yourself.

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      1. So let me tell you the secret. The flag was a printed one. I searched for a good one on google, switched on the printer and pressed the print button. Though I will still take the credit for colouring them and cutting & sticking them properly. πŸ˜€

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  2. These small moments of happiness fills up life.. and you reminded of I-Day celebrated in our school.. months of practice of march past, having the tiranga ice-cream, singing all the patriotic songs, cherishing the fact that we are independent.. wonderful it used to be..!
    Proud moment for you for sure πŸ™‚



    1. March past and singing patriotic songs…Yes I have been there too. The only glitch used to be the hot and humid weather and watching children dropping down to the ground one after another due to the heat. Though, yes I feel children cherish the Independence Day more.


    1. Yes it was. When I told him ‘I am proud of you’, I saw his chest widening with pride.
      Thanks Mrs. Gamgee for visiting πŸ™‚


  3. Hey Anamika, Boys are always intelligent. Unko kuch bhi ratne ki zaroorat nai hai. And Dhruv is way too intelligent. Kudos to him.


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