Gratitude List – July

Yesterday evening it happened.

Dhruv, for the first time, ran out of my visible range, happily running and playing with his new friends from his school bus. Watching him opening up his wings and taking off flying was a joyous sight for me. At the same time, I was nervous. Nervous that I suddenly could not see him, he went out of my sight. I had been standing with a couple of friends listening to their conversation but the whole of the time my eyes kept searching for Dhruv in the distance.

Then I saw him far away emerging from around the corner in the garden area. I became content again. One of the friends pointed out that he was crying. I damned my poor eye sight for how could I miss his tears. I ran upto him and held him tight. He sobbed “Mummy, I lost everybody. I was left alone. i lost my friends and I lost you too”. With a tear trickling down my eye, I consoled him assuring “Mumma is here”.

I felt grateful for having comforted him in his moment of loss.

My gratitude list for July –

  1. I am grateful for the good health in the family and for the food which finds its way on our plates each time we feel hungry.
  2. I am grateful for Dhruv’s reducing fussiness when it now comes to trying new foods and eating his meals.
  3. I am grateful for my ability to drive which gives me a sense of independence in visiting places, on my own with Dhruv, places which do not come under my husband’s interest areas.
  4. I am grateful to my father who pushed me hard 13 years ago into learning to drive against all my reluctance.
  5. I am grateful for having made quite a few friends in my apartment ย thanks to the common factor, our children’s school bus. A chat for an hour or so in the evenings thrice a week provides a welcome break from the monotony of daily routine life.
  6. I am grateful for my domestic help who never complains inspite of the difficulties in her life. She never takes an off without informing in advance which helps me in planning the work before hand. She does an average job of cleaning which means I have to lend a touch of my magic here or there after she leaves but that does not stop me from appreciating her ability to take feedback and stay positive.

This is my list and what about you? Have you made your own gratitude list?

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    1. Corinne, I felt happy to have made a little contribution to your day and I am grateful for that ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I remember how resentful I was of my father at that time when he forced me to take up driving lessons and now I realise he empowered me this way. I too missed driving living in Preston for 1 and a half years but I replaced it with developing the new love for walking and moving around in comfortable buses.


    1. Nabanita, I was also the terrified one all those years ago when I was forced to learn driving. I have come a long way with a few dents in my car and of others & frequently broken indicators ( Maruti 800 used to have protruding indicators on the sides) but I never did hit people because I drove real slow. Do give a try to driving.


  1. This specific post of yours especially the initial lines, reminds me of my poem ” His first step”. As a reason, i can very well relate to you feeling nervous. He’s gonna love u much more, after he reads this post of yours.

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  2. I can really relate to the opening words of your post, as my son started attending preschool for the first time last week. It is great to see that you are empowering the same independence in your son as your dad did with you in encouraging you to learn to drive. I was a very reluctant driver and still stick to local roads only, but it has opened my world and for that I am very grateful.

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