3-day quote challenge – Day 3

I have a couple of questions on my mind.

In the Indian context, is it still a taboo to talk about infertility? Do people still keep it a secret if they are trying to conceive through fertility treatments?

I have done Microblog Mondays in the past and have been witness to the solidarity that female bloggers, grappling with infertility and IVF treatments, express with each other. This helps in infusing hope and positivity.

Though my closest of friends know all about me, this is the first time I have decided to come out and talk here. I suffered from PCOS and it took me 9 months, one failed IUI cycle and a hell lot of emotions ranging from hope, despair, blankness and again hope to finally conceive in the second IUI cycle.

If you are going through this roller coaster ride called fertility treatment in the hope to conceive your dream, a baby, and if you need somebody to talk to and connect to, I have to say I am here.

Today is the last day of the 3-day quote challenge for which I was nominated by Vinitha and my quote for today is –


And, I nominate –

  1. Ritu from But I smile anyway
  2. Sangeetha from One bumpy ride
  3. Vaishali from The Champa Tree

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  1. Me too hun, I’m a PCOS sufferer, but after treatment, and lots if heartache, I have two beautiful but annoying children!
    I have taken up the challenge, but am on way to a wedding so will start it tonight, at home!

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  2. In the United States, I am not sure how taboo it is any more to discuss infertility only because I have not personally been close to that issue and I don’t want to speak for those who are close. I know two women with PCOS; one was able to conceive a baby (who was born prematurely and has a disability as a result, but this was many years ago – the baby is an adult now) and the other one was never able to conceive and decided to live a childless life. In both cases, the diagnosis of PCOS took years. But, the best support comes from others who have been through the same thing. I applaud you for your offer.

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