3-day Quote Challenge – Day 2

I am over-weight.

One of the main things I have gained in the last 10 years apart from motherhood and a relatively stronger personality is weight and I have accumulated a lot of it – a total of 20 kgs with pregnancy being awarded with the credit of 15 kgs.

I have planned and tried several times of joining a yoga class, regular walks, balanced diets, weight reduction diets etc etc but have not been able to stay consistent. And the pointer on the weighing scale which never for once showed any inclination of tilting left wards contributed as a perennial demotivator. I remind myself time and again that a yoga session is being conducted 3 days a week just downstairs in the club house but no I am not able to take that first step. Why? Because I won’t feel and look comfortable in those track pants and tops/tees. Silly, one may think about this.

There is another aspect.

Every morning when I look at myself (yes, with my glasses on) in the bathroom mirror, I see a beautiful person who tells me I look perfectly great. Then, who needs to  loose the weight.

I am doing a 3-day quote challenge, being nominated by Vinitha and here is my quote for the 2nd day –

Weight image

My nominations for Day 2 are-

  1. Sunita Rajwade from Nappy tales and me
  2. Hoping on Hope
  3. Vasantha from My sweet nothings

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  1. Yes, you’re right. You should see the beauty in yourself. But, another part of your mind sees excess weight. So … it must be important. Yoga will benefit you in so many ways. Not that I go–I am too disabled. But I believe in the commitment of daily exercise, and of meditation. Give it a try for a month.

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    1. I have to psyche up myself to let go off whatever has been stopping me and should give it a try.


  2. I would say weight does matter (happiness is another aspect and the two can be connected, as you mentioned).
    Let me explain my point – If you are overweight, you might run into issues later in life and it will spoil your happiness then! It might not make much of a sense now.

    Btw, you are lucky that yoga sessions happen just downstairs for you. I drive 10 kilometers every Saturday and haven’t missed any of them in the last 1 yr. It inspired me so much that i wrote a post on it and since this post i practice Surya Namaskar daily at home:

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    1. Thanks Alok for everything you have mentioned here makes absolute sense. I must take full advantage of the proximity of a yoga class.

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    1. I can suggest a trick here. Always go for the mirrors that only show your face and avoid full size mirrors at all cost 😀

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  3. HI Anamika, You are such a light person, weight or no weight not a concern. But then, let me tell u, u need some strength, when Dhruv grows up and brings a Bahu,(daughter-in-law) Don’t you? (evil grin).


    1. Thanks for the kind words and your reasoning why I should stay fit in the long run. After all playing the role of ‘The Great Indian Mother-in-Law’ would not be an easy task and I have a great role model 😛


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