Surviving the first day of school


The parents along with the kid had already attended the orientation process in the kid’s classroom with his teachers on the school opening day. After half an hour of activity, all 3 returned home together and happily. It was then the real challenge surfaced. The next day was going to be the kid’s first independent day at the school which included the school bus ride as well.

Survival regime for the kid’s first day of school

The night before –

  1. The diary received in the orientation process needed to be filled up with a lot of details. Pasting of photos in the diary was deferred to the next morning.
  2. Snack menu for the tiffin discussed with the kid and felt delighted at the kid’s suggestion. He wanted bell pepper and tofu salad.
  3. Laid out the uniform for the next day.
  4. Set up alarm for 4:45 am and thinking if it would be too early to wake up. Tussled between different times finally settling with 4:45 am because no chances were to be taken on the first day.
  5. Reminded the kid before bedtime to wake up early at 6 am for he had to catch the school bus at 7.30 am.

Every hour after midnight –

  1. Tossed and turned in bed.
  2. Kept on checking the time in the phone if it was already 4:45 am. After all the alarms can never be completely trusted when there is to be an epic day.

The destined morningย –

  1. Woke up with the ringing of the alarm.
  2. After freshening up, headed over to the kitchen at 5 am to start chopping, cooking, kneading and filling up the tiffin box.
  3. All done in next 45 minutes.
  4. Packed the school bag after pasting the photos in the diary and marking the tiffin box, water bottle and the school bag with the kid’s name and class.
  5. Rushed to wake up kid with 5 min still remaining to 6 am and finding him wide awake bustling with excitement to go to school.
  6. Owing to his excitement, he enthusiastically finished brushing, bathing and got ready in next 20 min.
  7. Breakfast time next followed by playtime.
  8. Leftย home and reached the main gate to board the bus.
  9. The kid got seated in the bus with mother’s help. He sat there for 5 min and then came to the door crying and complaining of uneasiness and feeling sick gradually becoming inconsolable refusing to get into the bus again.
  10. The bus left without him.
  11. Thereafter he informed parents he was feeling better and can be dropped off to school by car.
  12. Parents did as directed rushing and zooming in the car up to school.
  13. At school, they waited in the queue for the attendant to come to escort the little children to their classes.And again he went berserk not wanting to leave parents and go to the classroom. He was forcibly taken away leaving the parents heartbroken.
  14. Parents returned home feeling robbed off like the king and queen of a lost kingdom after that difficult morning.
  15. Father later left for office and mother anxiously waited for the afternoon for the kid to come back by the school bus on his own. She repeatedly tried creating positive thoughts about him being fine and that the school will put him in the right bus.
  16. The school bus arrived sending relief to the mother on seeing her kid smiling as he got down from the bus. She scooped him up showering hugs as if he had just returned from a battle, safe and secure.

The bus route number was seen marked on the kid’s hand.

Mother: Son, how was your day at the school?

Kid: Bahut maza aaya school main aur bus main bhi.

(I enjoyed a lot in the school and in the bus too)

Originally posted on World of Moms

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  1. this is such an occasion. Beta bada ho gaya! Badhai ho aapko.
    First day of school is the hardest for parents, seeing your little one ready for the world, I am going to be a crying mess that day for sure!


    1. Thank you so much Shailaja for visiting. Your presence here made me a little more happier and beaming with a wide smile :]
      Indeed first day of school is as tough for parents as it is for the kid and I wanted to pen it down lest my memory would evade me of this eventful day after a couple of years.

      Liked by 1 person

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