Laughter Rap in Plastic Town

One day as I was passing through plastic town

I happened to pass a school playground

yet I couldn’t hear one laughing sound.

Can you imagine a school playground

and not a single laughing sound?

But that’s how it was in plastic town.

For though they were playing as children play,

plastic children do so in a most unusual way.

Not one was laughing, not one I say.

Every move they made was made of plastic

it was sad to see children so robotic.

They could do with a touch of my laughing magic.

So I reached for my hip-hop cap

got into my egg-leg tap

broke into my laughing rap.

Children, children of plastic town

it makes me sad to see you frown.

Cracking up with laughter is the thing to do,

cracking up with laughter makes you feel brand-new.

So give me a crick, give me a crack,

just throw yourself into the laughing act.

I promise my magic will bring you right back.

Written by John Agard.

Originally posted on World of Moms


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