My gratitude list for May

The month of May was about Dhruv’s 4th birthday, about summer vacations and taking routine things slow. It was also about increased commitments with respect to writing posts for other than myself. It was about Mother’s day and taking time out to pen down a thankful note remembering my mother’s contribution in shaping my life.

It was about health issues too which made me realise that I had been neglecting my health by not being able to allot time for the early morning pranayams (breathing exercises) and the walks. I have begun my walks in the evenings, walking alongside Dhruv while he rides his cycle. I am yet to resume the breathing exercises. Between all this, I had lots of things to be grateful about.

My gratitude list for May –

  • I am grateful to have met a very good friend of mine after 8 long years. We have been living at 2 different ends of the same city for the last 6 months but were not able to meet until this Saturday. Meeting with her was like picking up the threads from where we had left all those years ago, the long stretch of time in between notwithstanding. Our kids too enjoyed each other’s company a lot.
  • I am grateful for getting to watch an entertaining movie in theatre this Sunday after 3 years. The movie had me in splits throughout.
  • I am grateful for my child who behaved very well in the theatre.
  • I am grateful for the cool breeze which blows and fills the house every morning upon the opening of balcony door. May has been either very hot for me when I lived in Delhi or cold and rainy when I was in Preston, UK but never pleasant like at present.
  • I am grateful for my brain which kept on churning stories after stories for honouring my writing commitments.
  • I am grateful to the small pool of regular visitors of my blog who show unconditional love by visiting and sharing their thoughts even when I miss reading some of their posts.
  • I am grateful to have the means for buying enough books for me and Dhruv to continue sailing on our reading voyage.
  • I am grateful for my ginger tea I have every morning.

Linking this post to Alphabet Salad and Gratitude Circle.



    1. Thanks Corinne for having started this initiative of Gratitude circle with Vidya Sury 🙂


  1. The Universe is telling me to start penning Gratitude Lists! Great one Anamika..A heart to heart conversation with a close Friend, a cup of ginger tea, something to write and this perfect Bangalore weather. So right! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely blog Anamika:-) catching up with old friends is so enriching! Its like getting an unadulterated oxygen mask for a couple of hours:-D . take care and keep blogging


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