#Microblog Mondays 12 : Little chitter-chatter


It is interesting how the kid who was a little baby once can make the parents go stubbed with their intelligent conversations and derivations. Dhruv and I had 2 of such conversations this week.

  • The name game –

Dhruv: Daddy’s name is Amit Narain Vats.

            My name is Dhruv Narain Vats.

            What is your name Mumma?

Me: My name is Anamika Agnihotri.

Dhruv: No!!

            Your name is Mumma Narain Vats.

Mumma will always be mumma. How strange it would be if mumma is known by any other name?

  • The next conversation we had in Hindi.

I was singing a hindi song “Goron ki na kaalon ki, duniya hai dilwalon ki”. (Neither of whites nor of blacks, this world is of good-hearted)

Me: Dhruv, ‘dilwale’ kya hota hai pata hai? (Dhruv, do you know the meaning of ‘*Dilwale’?)

Dhruv: Hain? kya? (What?)

            Toys dilwane wale ho kya mujhe? (Are you going to buy me toys?)

*The word ‘dilwale’ has 2 meanings in hindi. One is good-hearted and the other is when somebody is buying or getting you something.

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    1. I went over to read your post. I have to mention how much details you have put into the post, keeping track about every word and every meaning of the same word means a lot. I enjoyed reading it how the same word like Da can mean so much more when doled out with different expressions..


    1. 🙂 He has already started to pick up things and interpret meanings according to his interests from our conversations and this means I will have to stay on my toes lest I will be held up in tricky situations soon.

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  1. Hi Anamika,

    Good to be over at your blog 🙂

    That was sweet indeed! Reminded me of the little chitter-chatter we used to have with our kids when they were young. Now being in their teens, we need to run after them to sit and talk to us…lol…

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

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    1. Yesterday at one point of time I got upset and was taking my time out by keeping mum. Dhruv kept on asking me why wasn’t I speaking and then I saw your comment about all the running which will be required to do on my part when Dhruv becomes a teenager. I immediately corrected my own teenager like behaviour and hugged him. Thanks for coming at the right time.


    1. Here is a mutual feeling. I find your blog very interesting reading about various news items and how you relate them to the events in your life. I get to learn something new with every post of yours.


  2. Reblogged this on Nappy Tales and Me and commented:
    This post by a young mother got me thinking about my own little grandson who is becoming more proficient in communication. Every day he comes up with new lines that make life very interesting. Yesterday for instance, he actually pushed away the iPhone placed in front of him while eating ( yes, we know it’s bad but frankly we think it replaces the traditional story of the crow and the sparrow which our grannies used to entertain us with while we were eating) saying that that was not the App he was looking for – IT’S BORING! he averred. We were shocked that he actually knew the word and more astonished by the proper use and intonation!

    Children have the most adorable things to say and as one granny told me, her own grandson was quite put off by the constant cuddles and kisses she gave him ( he was a BIG BOY AT THREE didn’t she know????) and actually said to her ” Granny, if you love children so much, why don’t you get married and have children of your own!” Granny whose husband was standing close by, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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    1. I can’t thank you enough for reblogging my post. This is first time for me, getting reblogged, and it is special.


  3. How cute isn’t it? I was able to visualize all these! How cute, the kids are! Wish I could freeze the aging part here. I do not want Ishaan to grow up so fast.

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