Yess…I dream!

Ask a little girl what does she wish to become when she grows up and she will give various answers.

She has dreams. We clap our hands

When she grows up, she wants to be an independent working woman.

She has dreams. We clap our hands.

And, then she becomes a mother.

They say…

Dream, if you have to

Dream for your children

Sacrifice your dreams

You are a mother

They say…

Aspire, if you have to

Aspire for your children

Give up on your aspirations

You are a mother

They say…

Devote your fullest

Live for your children

Devotion is your virtue

You are a mother I tell myself…

A few courses I may have changed

Adjustments I may have made


I cannot cease to dream

I cannot cease to aspire

Dreams are what i am

Aspire I will continue to

I am more than a mother.

Originally posted on World of Moms


  1. HI Anamika, I am sure that you have more to say.. “I am more than a Mother” is so powerful a line. Do not stop dreaming. Continue to dream and aspire to achieve those dreams..Live those dreams.. which is we as readers are eagerly waiting to see how you live it.

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    1. My dreams are not very big. They are about small things. For example about continuing to find time for my own reading. I have been told to abort this hobby until the time Dhruv grows up because this would interfere in my devoting full energies in raising him. Such a thing does not make me happy but surely makes me more determined.


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