#Microblog Mondays 10 : Of being sick and getting slaughtered

Pre-caution : This post is a diary entry of my past week where I would be whining, ranting and listing down the events which took place, rushing fast from one point to another. If you think you will still be interested then please, by all means, I would love to have you as my guest. And If not, then I will be glad to have you as my visitor on next Microblog Monday where I hope to come up with some interesting post.

The week gone by saw me going through a lot. I have not been keeping well since Monday last week. My body’s internal system has been creating a havoc. My sweat glands and oil glands have been working very hard doing much more than required. Due to this I have been profusely sweating with oil dripping down relentlessly from my head and face. I have been tired due to the tremendous loss of water as in sweat but the other aspects of life continued functioning as usual.

I had been waking up at 5 am everyday, way before the other 2 humans in my house wake up giving me 3 hours of peace time, to work on my blog posts since I had to push myself hard to honour my 3 commitments of contributing decent blog posts to one of the websites and for a friend’s blog. In this last week I have written more than I usually do in any particular week. While the normal for me is 1 or a maximum of 2 posts  per week, I worked on 4 this time – 3 for others and 1 for my own blog. The experience was very satisfying but at the same time exhausting.

Besides, I could not have missed driving Dhruv to the other end of the city to attend his phonics classes which happen twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

Then a storytelling event came up for Saturday for 3+ years old kids at a bookstore in my part of the city and I did not want Dhruv to miss that either. Both of us love this bookstore hence inspite of my condition I took him to the event.

And then we celebrated Dhruv’s 4th birthday this Monday on 11th may. This was the first time he was excited about his birthday and more so about cutting his birthday cake. Since it was about cutting, he was adamant about having a scissor to cut it (Why a scissor went beyond my understanding). When we had him settled with a plastic knife, he was keen on cutting the cake all my himself without letting anybody else hold his hand to help him. And so the cake got slaughtered and the way it got we could not help ourselves from not laughing.

The birthday cake
Blowing the candles was a funny job
And then the cake got slaughtered 🙂

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    1. I agree Francene. Sickness or no sickness, feeling healthy or not, why to miss on life’s fun.


    1. Thank you Lindsay. 😊
      For me, I think I will have to make an appointment with the doctor. I avoid going to doctors and believe in nature taking its own time in curing and healing ailments but here I don’t see that happening. 😕


  1. Oh! Dhruv is a Taurean too! Happy Birthday to him…Heaps of love and congratulations for working super hard. I write 1 post for The Champa Tree on a daily basis. Besides I work as a Content Manager for a beauty website and handle PR projects from home. Phew! I need some life 😦


    1. Yes Dhruv shares his birthday month with Harshal. Thanks from Dhruv and me. ☺
      The work I did appears to be nothing when it comes to how much you are managing. I can understand it must not be easy and so Hats Off to you. 👏


  2. Hey Dhruv, Loads of love from Uncle AJ.

    HI Anamika – Glad that you sailed through. Please do consult a doc soon and get well soon.


    1. Thank you Mel for the wishes and the reinstatement 🙂 A birthday cake carefully and decently cut would have never made this birthday memorable.


    1. I found it very interesting the way you gave twist to the birthday. Yes I am a 4 year old mummy and it was my birthday too. Thank you 🙂
      I visited the link and found the cake recipe very easy and the cake looked enticing. I am sure the gems will be stolen too soon in my home too.


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