#Microblog Mondays 9 : Vacations

Holidays and vacations are fun times.

We were on a vacation for 15 days visiting my parents and in-laws in Delhi.

You know you had a good time on vacation –

  • when the weather was not hot which is usual for the month of April in North India but was unexpectedly pleasant & cool.
  • when you had something exciting to look forward to every alternate day.
  • when you get to meet 3 of your friends out of the 4 planned and you wanted the clock to stop ticking because the chats were so very interesting and enriching.
  • when your mother-in-law competes with your mother in showering love and affection over you, and
  • when a void and sadness creeps in with the aircraft landing at the Bangalore airport signalling the vacation coming to an end.


You know you have loads of work to do after all the good time you had –

  • when, at home, the digital meter on your weighing scale starts on a marathon the moment you step over it and settles  down on a result which shows you ate really well.
  • when, even after 2 days of return, the kid persistently asks you why did we have to return and why couldn’t we continue staying at Naanu’s place and your answers fail to convince him every time.
  • when the huge dirty laundry load calls out for you from that laundry basket in that corner and you move a considerable number of the dirty clothes away from your sight stuffing them into the dry washing machine.
  • when you have to organise the kitchen cabinets and the wardrobes which you had been postponing to be done after returning from vacation but instead you pull out your laptop and sit down to write about it.

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  1. Haha. Write about it fist, while your experience is fresh in your mind. Housework and organizing will always be with you, but your memories need to be written down before they fade. By the way, I wish my mother and mother-in-law were around to shower me with love. Blessings.

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  2. I’m so glad you had a wonderful vacation. I know that awful empty, sad feeling of returning home after seeing family all too well. I hope you and D get settled into your routine at home again soon!

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  3. Haha… Stuff remaining clothes in your closet, will create an illusion of “work over”…Then when there are no clothes to wear, start fishing out on need basis…this way, you can enjoy last leg of vacation at home

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  4. I used to have so many small pieces of stuff that didn’t fit into any of the labeled drawers. I used recycled plastic boxes to store them. Finally when I had to move, most things had to be thrown away. Good luck with the chores.


  5. Haha..Guessing I was that 4th one ou couldn’t catch up with 😉 I was off to Kerela and halted at Bangalore Intl Airport for an hour. We couldn’t have met even then. Here is hoping that we meet soon..one day..one fine day when the weather is nice and our kids aren’t acting up 🙂


  6. Glad you had a wonderful break! But yeah, vacations always seem too short 🙂 Back to work huh!! But the good part is, you can start dreaming of your next holiday!!

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  7. Oho! Reminded me of my childhood days. I never wanted to come back home, after the vacations. Now, as an adult, vacations are so rare. Missing the good old days and my grandma.


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