A life worth being grateful for

For a long time I have been reading the gratitude posts of other bloggers and it prodded me to write one for myself too. For some reason, the list kept evading my mind as I could not settle on even one point. This led me to think that I have a pretty happy life though not perfect so there must be something good in my life that is worth being grateful for or have I turned into one ungrateful soul who is used to take everything for granted.

However, circumstances changed a few weeks back when a close friend suffering from depression mentioned about her life not being worth living for. While talking to her and giving her hope, a reel rolled over in my mind tumbling out a long list of good things in my own life and I immediately felt grateful for all of them.

This is my first post for the Gratitude Circle and I begin my list from the onset.

  1. I am grateful for my ever supportive parents who pushed me hard when I lacked confidence, who stood by me when I made tough decisions. There was a time when I was going through tough times and I decided to walk out. They never once thought what the society will say. They told me that my mental and emotional health is important to them and they will always be my strong pillars. They are my emotional anchor. My optimism in life is a consequence of their love and support.
  2. I am grateful for my strong willpower which helped me to sustain through the invasive medical tests and procedures without which Dhruv would not have been a reality. For me, he is a miracle baby.
  3. I am grateful for having a life partner who always tests me first by turning down all the proposals which I put across to him but when he realises my determination for a particular thing or a work he adjusts and co-operates to the core.
  4. I am grateful for knowing love in all forms and this awareness makes my life feel complete. The purest form of love is when Dhruv comes and hugs and hangs around my neck and tells me ‘Mummy, you are the friend na” and “What did Bill say….I love my mummy”.
  5. I am grateful for my ability to express myself through written words without which this post would not have been possible.

So…yes this is my gratitude list, the foundation of my happy life.

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  1. This is so lovely – how nice to take time out to think about all you are grateful for. I didn’t realise you had been through so much to have Dhruv – I think that does pose another angle to motherhood – when you think of how differently things could have turned out. I often think of this and am very thankful. Really lovely post and I will carry it across to my own life x

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    1. Thanks Yvette for taking time out and reading my gratitude list. Yes, I also often think about this another angle to motherhood and this makes me realise the grace of God. This is the first time I have talked about it outside my family. I would love to read your gratitude list in case you decide to put it down. 🙂


  2. That’s a neat list, Anamika. Feeling grateful for all those who were and are with us throughout, not taking for granted. Once we admit that to ourselves there is no limit to happiness, right? I am yet to write mine for this month. Glad I came across yours, will write mine soon. 🙂

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