#Microblog Mondays 8 : Who is she?

I was scrolling down my facebook page today and came across a photograph and my fingers did not budge any further. My eyes got transfixed on the lady on the right in this photograph.


“Who is she?” “Do I know her?” my mind questioned.

“Who is the person hidden behind that smile and those thick glasses?” the questions continued endlessly.

“Is her smile genuine in the situation of what seems to be like meeting a friend or is it just for the sake of the camera?”

“Does she even feel comfortable getting clicked or is it just about the selfie thing?”

“How has her life been? Easy or has she fought battles? Does her face reflect her scars from the battles or the serenity of an easy life or of wounds healed up?”

“And the eyes? They seem to be unfathomable. Do they contain in themselves any tales waiting to be told or which are forbidden forever to remain engraved in her heart? Have they been capable of speaking more than all the words she has ever spoken?”

Still wondering who is she? I know her to tell you so. She is me.

Linking up with Microblog Mondays at Stirrup Queens.



  1. She is U and answers to ur questions are also with you.
    This is the begining dear, look at u as a third person who doesnot know u and then u will realize what u r reflecting. I am happy that one selfie made u think about yourself 😄

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  2. You know what? the writer in you is waking up with clear thoughts. The best introspection. Now reply to those questions in the same line in the same artistic way. Beautifully written

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