#Microblog Mondays 5 : Life worth not living

Today I feel like a liar. I feel my silent prayers have no strength. Today I feel the optimism in me is just so unaffecting that I cannot pass it on to the people closest to me.

Why do I say this?

I have a friend who has been through a lot of upheaval in her life. We have been talking about all these years that a time will come some day when she will be at peace and all her problems will fade out. I persistently kept on telling her things will be fine. I kept praying for her. I kept trying to create happiness in her with my positive talks and witty takes on life. But, yesterday all this proved to be futile.

Living in different cities, she messaged me she is depressed and physically sick. She told her life has been just problems and completely useless. She is lonely in the big city. She can see no light now and may be her life is not worth living.

Life worth not living…this caught me on the tenterhooks. I engaged her into the middle of the night, talked to her, tried showing her the big pictures. We ended when she said she wanted to get some sleep since she had her office to attend today morning. i assured myself she would not do anything wrong with her life because her mother is staying with her these days. But the phrase  ‘life worth not living’ has stayed with me. 

Will you join me in my prayers for my friend? Please?

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  1. We all go through low moments in our lives…..I’ve also heard that people who actually commit suicide don’t voice this thought – they just do it.


    1. I’ve heard that from someone too recently. In the past, I would be trying hard to convince the other person. But I’ve learned that each of us has to make our journey and come to a place of peace within. You can accompany your friend on the journey, but it’s not your journey and you can’t travel that road for him or her…


      1. Thank you Sunita and Corinne for sharing that if a person is voicing her suicidal thoughts then it is a good sign for she is most likely not going to do it. Hopefully, she must have read this post as well as your thoughts and this might help her in some way.


      2. I totally agree Corinne, this is a lesson I learnt in my life while I tried to cheer up a close relative who always felt low and that life wasn’t fair. Happiness, and peace come from within.

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  2. Sending healing energy and prayers up for your friend. We all go through a “dark night of the soul” once or twice in our lives. I pray she makes it through


  3. Oh gosh! That’s hard and that sounds like trouble. I hope your friend feels better soon and her mother being around is a good thing. I dealt with this when a friend of mine used to talk similar and that time was hard. So I can imagine what you are going through. I hope the tide turns for better..

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  4. May God give her the strength to fight back and to survive. She cannot just lose hope. Ask her to look around. There are so many underprivileged people and not so blessed ones too!. Am sure she would be fine in a day or two. Ask her to visit an orphanage / or a senior citizen home, all her negative thoughts would rush into a dustbin.

    May God bless her and give her strength and may she get a BIG SMILE on her face soon!

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  5. I do think that it’s important to take your friend’s depression seriously, though, even if you aren’t sure that she is suicidal. Can you get her to see a counselor? I always tell my students: you don’t want to be the last person with the information that someone has shared with you, which may give us a window into how they’re feeling. And telling them that the light will come is often not helpful, because they’re not in a position to full accept that.


    1. I can just ask her to go and visit the counselor since we live in different cities, cant take her along. Thank you for giving a different perspective.


  6. I remember a time in my life where I felt the same. I’m glad your friend has you. For me, God quickly reminded me of other things I had in my life worth living for. I hope he does the same for her.

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  7. I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s distress, and will be sending good thoughts her way. You are a good friend – thank you for being there for her during this difficult time in her life.

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  8. I sincerely hope she finds strength and happiness. All you can do is to try and convince her that she can come out of the muck only if she tries. To wait for her moment of sunshine, or better, to create it herself 🙂

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  9. I understand that your friend must be feeling really low to say out loud that life is not worth living. I have been through tough times. I once told my mom that it doesn’t make sense to live anymore. We were going through a major financial stress then. I was only 15. If me and my sister agreed to commit suicide that would have been the end if it. But we came out of it. We continued our education by eating less and literally having no life other than studying. It wasn’t good. But now it all makes sense. Life won’t be fair but we have to find the courage to make it fair. Your friend has a good friend like you to confide in and to support her, she is lucky regardless to have you. I’m sure she will get through the difficult times. Just let her know that no one has it easy. My prayers are with her.


    1. Thank you Vinitha for sharing your life’s story with us. Its when we get to know of others’ hardships we tend to become grateful for whatever little or more good we have in our lives. Its when we know that others could manage to come out of their difficult periods it gives us hope that we can too. I spoke to my friend yesterday after coming back from our meeting and she told me she is fine. I wish to believe that this post and all the thoughts and prayers of the visitors and readers contributed to making a difference for her.

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