#Microblog Mondays 4 : The Therapy called Book Buying

I buy books…….children books……and I buy them all the time.

Bring my day to a low and I will cheer up myself by logging onto Amazon and buying books.

Perform an operation in my mouth for extracting that stubborn tooth, cut the bone to release the tooth, sew me with needle and thread in front of my wide open eyes, inject me with antibiotics, give me immense pain but I promise myself I can overcome my painful wails with buying more books, books with colourful glossy cover pages, books meant for the little ones, books of any kinds – hardcover, paperback, pop ups, all will do.

There are days when I open my wardrobe and can find nothing suitable to wear. Then I make peace with myself marching to the market to that brightly lit bookstore and get more books to read.

All the time I tell Dhruv I am buying books for him, I am reading books to him but all this while I have been conspiring because I do it for myself.

As long as there are books in this world – unread and unsold, I can never be brought to a complete dull and lull for there will always be a new book to buy and a new author to try.

Does your love for books resonate with something like mine?

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  1. Oh, yes. Back when the book world was my small school library, then the city library, and even later a big bookstore, I held hopes that one day I could read them all.

    Then the Internet hit and I realize I will never Read It All.


  2. I love books! I like collecting old books. Gene Stratton-Porter books especially. OMG I have some really old prints of her books. I just adore them! I also admit that I have a huge huge major love of Where’s Waldo!


  3. Ah! the sheer joy that possessing a book brings..books, writers and libraries make the world a better place!! ….and readers too 🙂


  4. Absolutely. And on days when I know that I can’t financially swing more books, I will go to the library and check out a book, just to be able to feel as if I’m browsing books. You cannot get me into a clothing store, but I can hours upon hours in a bookstore.

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  5. Hahaha! So am sure, that you would have a library by now! I guess you are from Bangalore! I would visit you for renting out few books for myself.


    1. I agree with you that book buying means spending a lot of money too. The way I am going about it will not be financially viable in the long run. So to suffice library memberships is going to be the solution. Thanks for visiting Jessica and sharing your thought.


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