#Microblog Mondays 3 : A Birthday Invitation

On Sunday morning around half past eleven, my phone buzzed with a text message.

Hi, today is ‘(the child’s name)’ birthday at 5 in the evening please drop Dhruv in our apartment (apartment number) and you can pick him up at 7. Thanks.

It took me a minute or two to grasp the message. And by the time the message seeped into me, I had already got anxious.

I had been enjoying a lazy sunday and was psyching myself to get up and start cooking the lunch. Now this message stung every tissue inside me because it meant that not only I had to jump out to the kitchen to prepare the lunch, I also had to take a bath, give Dhruv a bath, finish having the lunch, rush outside in the heat (its too hot in Bangalore these days) to get the gift and also prepare Dhruv to spend 2 hours without me by his side and the last thing was to involve a too much of talking and counselling.

What happened next was my world turning upside down until the time Dhruv finally came back home at 7 pm. (First he came back when I went to drop him at 5:15 pm because he got uncomfortable watching the screaming children who were hell bent on tearing every bit of wrapping paper on the gifts that were coming across. A little more of talking consoled him and he agreed to go back after half an hour).

I dislike same day invitations, meeting plans, sudden engagements because they have the tendency of disrupting my life on that day. I may have a huge pile of laundry planned for a certain day or I may have been rushing with the cooking or I may have Dhruv’s hobby class to attend or I may have a plan to write a blog post or I may be just planning to go slow. My request to the universe is to give me atleast a day’s time in advance to plan my things instead of having my face squeezed up against the wall clock and the hands of the clock ticking into my face.

Would you like to tell me how do you go about approaching sudden invitations? Do you like to plan things in advance? Do you get anxious when faced with sudden engagements?

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  1. It seems really rude to send a last minute invitation like that via text message. Generally people give a few weeks notice for these sorts of things! I wouldn’t feel *ANY* obligation to send my child to a party I got a text about only hours in advance.


    1. I did think about it this way Lindsay. I would have appreciated a phone call more than a text message. And if you see the language of the message it does not talk about inviting. It says please drop Dhruv at our apartment. People have their strange ways. I just thought about Dhruv having some play time with children so took the pains.

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    1. I agree, Heather, a last minute invite via a text message is rude. But since Dhruv and the birthday boy are from the same class at school and he wanted to go to the party, I chose to disrupt my lazing plans for the day and thus sent him.


  2. I hate this last moment invitations as nothing would be planning n it just messes up d days plan.. Inviting 2 days before is much better so that we can plan up accordingly


  3. Whoa! We’ve never gotten a same-day invitation. A “do you want to drop by to hang out” invitation, yes. But not a party. In the US, it’s custom to give about two weeks notice, but during busy seasons (our school has many more birthdays in the spring than any other time), it’s nice to give four or more.


  4. I agree and even I do not like same day invitations. Here in India, people do that quiet often but personally I do not do that.
    An invite for example – Cos you too are in Bangalore, it would be wonderful to meet. What do you think? Should we meet in say 2 weeks time? Let’s plan a date 🙂


    1. I am not amused to know that same day invitations have become quite a norm in India.
      A personal meeting with you feels great. The first time I met you was through your guest post on Shashank’s blog. 🙂 Lets plan to meet on Saturday, 28th March if that works for you. Where can I leave my number for you?

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  5. I so agree with you! I have been through such experiences myself. I feel it is very rude of people to assume other people are totally jobless. It was really patient and considerate of you to have accepted 🙂


    1. I can vouch for it how unpleasant such experiences can be especially for someone who likes to plan in advance. It baffles me thinking why don’t people, here, value their time and of others? I think I chose to accept the invitation for the sake of Dhruv so that he can have some fun time on his own without me being by his side. Thanks for reading Vidya.


  6. I am so guilty as charged. I’m a last minute girl. My last two birthday events, I forgot to invite some people altogether to the parties. (First, my sister-in-law. Then my in-laws.) I’m really working harder on being less last-minute for everyone else’s sake.

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    1. Forgetting to invite in-laws….it can be worse than sending out last minute invitations to them. Were they expecting? What happened next? I would like to know the story further. 😛 Thanks, Rachel, for reading and sharing your comment here for it takes something more to accept being guilty in a discussion where the members are hell bent on crucification. 😀


  7. I can’t handle last minute plans, especially if it includes parties to go to or guests coming over. I need to know at least two days in advance, if possible 2 weeks. You are really considerate in sending Dhruv at the last moment, Anamika. I don’t think I would do that. Why make life all messy with last minute invitations and the haste to keep up with it, I ask!


    1. Expecting a 2 week in-advance invitation would be a dream for we are Indians and live in India and that too for a child’s birthday party. I would be ok with having just a day ‘s notice to make the arrangements. But am surely not going to entertain a text message next time.
      You must be very busy these days with all the winding up for very few days are left in your travel now. I am looking forward to meet you in Bangalore soon 🙂

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  8. Both my family and my husband’s family are horrible at last minute planning.
    It drives me insane. About half of the time, I tell them we can’t come, we already had plans (even if that’s a lie, I still say it). I then encourage them to plan ahead for the next time so we can plan on it.


    1. We always have a choice about accepting the invitation or not and especially if doing the former is going to drive us insane. Whats the fun in meeting somebody or joining a celebration when you are going to loose your mind over it. Thanks Savannah for reading and taking your time out to share your thought. 🙂


  9. When you have a little child it becomes hard to plan things but that doesn’t mean your life is one big join the dots which occur randomly! I like to have some idea of where my day is going and if I were invited at the last moment I’d have definitely not gone. If the hostess had even told me a week in advance that the plans were tentative and had confirmed only on the day of, I’d have accepted it as children and their parties can be subject to so many variables but this…..sorry NO.

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    1. Yes it can be tough to plan things when you have little children. And imagine somebody waking up in the morning and deciding lets have the birthday party today. But the invitee always has the choice of accepting or not.


  10. Anamika, they texted you? How did you even let Dhruv attend the party? Am sure you are this large-hearted and a lady who forgives. I would have definitely skipped such invitations. As I give a second thought, maybe the inviter would have had some hurdles to invite in person. I would applaud your thought process, in letting Dhruv attend the party, because, kids are always serene and the egos we adults have should not affect them. A full-on ten points to you.


    1. Thanks a lot Ajay. This just made me feel a larger than life like figure 😀 which off course I am not. The kids enjoyed each other’s company and Dhruv was happy.


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