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Pop Up Books

Last year, I got to know about wonderful pop up books from one of the blogs. Immediately, they caught my fancy and I ended up ordering them from Amazon. Though no new editions of these books are published these days  but used books are available on Amazon UK. The titles are also available on Amazon India.

These are unique and fantastic books of pop-up photographs published by Priddy Books and contain fascinating facts about Dinosaurs, Machines, Ocean, Farm and Jungle. While the little ones can marvel at the popping up photos, their parents can discover these fun and informative books in their own right.

I am posting a few photographs from the editions we have.


Ocean Pop Up Book


Machines Pop Up Book


Dinosaur Pop Up Book


Procupine Fish


Clown Fish hiding behind the coral reef


Colourful Sea horses


Dhruv’s favourite – Backhoe Loader


Steam Engine Train


Big Rig


Triceratop’s mouth


Another Dinosaur


The long neck dinosaur


T-Rex eating up Dhruv’s hand

Dhruv and I have had lots of fun time going through these books, identifying the dinosaurs’ names, putting hands inside the mouths of Triceratops and T-Rex, moving the wheels and other parts of the  backhoe loader, getting pricked by the procupine fish and so much more.

If you are a book lover and a parent of a little kid you would surely want to have all of them.

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5 thoughts on “Pop Up Books

  1. Oh how clever. Interactive books are so interesting. My son loved the ones with sounds.

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  2. These are absoluely amazing! I wouldn’t mind going through them all too!

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  3. Oh, I love these books. When I was in Boston, it had many in our local library.


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