Learning with Mickey and friends

While the last post in the ‘Love for Books’ section was about a classic, this post is about a regular book, prescribed by the school for the parents to read to their children, aimed at specific learning.

Last week, Dhruv got a set of 5 books from his school. Out of these, he picked out one for our reading time. While this book is no classic but its characters are. It is about Mickey and his friends who are all little babies. The book has 2 stories. The first one is about identifying colours and the second one is about identifying smells.


IMG_20150124_071311 (1)In the first story, baby mickey is trying to searcIMG_20150124_071340h for his red ball in the house. When he comes across something red peeping out from the bath tub, under the bed, on the chair, outside baby Pluto’s house and in the backyard he gets hopeful. And then he discovers different coloured things like a yellow duck, a green toy, a blue blanket, an orange dish and finally the red ball amongst the red apples lying on the ground in the backyard.

IMG_20150124_071504 (1)

Though we know most of the colours, what Dhruv liked about this story is the peekaboo game baby mickey seems to be playing here. And, this search operation has infested the house too. As an illustration, he came to me asking for one of his practice books and I told him to look into the living room on the TV table. The next thing I heard was –

Where is my book?

Kya wo sofa par hai? (Is it on the sofa?)

Arre nahin! wo to sofa par nahin hai. (Oh no! it is not on the sofa)

Kya wo carpet par hai? (Is it on the carpet?)

Arre nahin! wo to yahan par bhi nahin hai. (Oh no! it is also not here)

Kya wo centre table par hai? (Is it on the centre table?)

Arre nahin! wo to yahan par bhi nahin hai. (Oh no! it is also not here)

Kya wo TV table par hai? (Is it on the TV table?)

Haan! wo to TV table par hai. (Oh Yes! it is on the TV table)

Yeah, I got it.

I got assured we learnt something from this story and I had a reason to laugh about it.

The second story is about baby Pluto identifying different smells and tracing them to their origin. The words used here to emphasize the nature of smells are yummy smell, sweet smell, awful smell and smelling of smoke. Baby Pluto follows the yummy smell to the chocolate, sweet smell to the powder and the awful smell to the uncovered trash can. He follows the smoke with sniff sniff to the barbecue in the backyard where his friends, Mickey and others are preparing for his (Pluto’s) birthday.


At the end of this story, there is an activity sheet where there are pictures of a cake, a pizza, a bouquet of flowers, a squirrel, a trash can and drying laundry and the child has to tell which of these smell good. Types of smell is a new concept for Dhruv to which he has been totally unfamiliar. This story, although a simple one, made me realise to create opportunities for introducing Dhruv to real smells.



Our love for books was illustrated this week in the form of a Lego creation.


Dhruv: Mumma, what have i made?

Mumma: Is this a building?

Dhruv: No! this is a book.

Mumma: but this looks like a building?

Dhruv: Oh no Mumma! this is a book.

Mumma (enthusiastically): WOW!!!! Yes this is a book.

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    1. Do you!!! 🙂 I really felt handicapped by the way of my imagination but eventually agreed with him. Kids can see far more things than us adults because we are so learned 😛


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