Discovering the blogger self


Last week I joined the Write Tribe pro blogger challenge. The challenge is to commit to posting to the blog atleast twice a week. Pretty achievable, I iterated to myself.

By signing up, I opened myself to the vast universe which existed in oblivion to me until then. There were umpteen blogs listed on the write tribe site. I began reading. I explored and explored and explored some more. It was humbling and overwhelming at the same time.

I observed that there are more women bloggers than men joining the challenge.

I also had observations about myself. Kind of a discovery or so.

I am always on the look out for mummy bloggers who write about themselves. about their emotions and about their imperfections. I being a mummy blogger myself find it natural to identify and connect with fellow mummy bloggers.The amount of support I get through the virtual world helps me in easy sailing through my motherhood and parenting journey. In return, I too have something to say and offer when I come across a mother who is caught up in the struggle of doubting her efforts and needs re-affirmation. It is like passing on a little positivity to others and making them feel happy. A happy mom makes a happy kid and a happy home.

I have realised, after reading a considerable number of blogs about short fiction and flash fiction, that I have this inability to grasp and appreciate shorter form of fictional stories. With due respect to the bloggers who write these, for me these stories seem to end abruptly and I do not like incomplete stories. Or may be I think that interpreting the essence of such stories is left to the readers and I am not intelligent enough to be able to decode them.

In the real world, I come across as a reserved person when it comes to talking about myself but not here. I am seldom at a loss of words in leaving a part of myself in the comments section of the blogs which move me. For me commenting is caring. If getting an involved comment makes my day, then so it does for others too.

I have deviated from my mom stories to my own blogger story in this post on account of the compelling reason to unclog my mind space and give a vent to my blogger self.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging challenges. You are already finding bloggers you like, and you and they will have their own little community. Don’t worry if you don’t feel connected to every blog you read. But, the nice thing abut a challenge is – it does stretch you, and teach you. Now you know you don’t like short fiction. But you may find food blogs, or travel blogs, or other blogs that stretch your horizons (and will make you a better Mom, too.) My son is grown, but maybe one day there will be such a genre as Nana blogs. Who knows? (I’m not a grandma yet, but….)

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    1. You are right Alana. Two weeks of joining the Write Tribe and I can already see connections building up. It is stretching me in a way that I have to keep up with the reading of other blogs since untill now it had been just about posting. And yes slowly I am discovering my other interests too and the related blogs. I really like the photos you post.


  2. Really I’m also wondering at this huge world of bloggers, trying to get myself connected with the myriad interests and ideas they brilliantly display. When I say that, I should admit, I myself am challenged by the question, where can I fix myself. What I mean is, I have so many interests; short stories, novel writing, education, it goes like that. My children are grown up now, but not yet a granny. You mentioned about short stories, I’m also slow in grasping the essence of the stories that ends up abruptly. Any way I’m shopping around.

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    1. True Prasanna ji. It feels like the huge world of bloggers has just shifted its address to our neighbourhood thus facilitating easy connections.

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  3. Hola my friend…apart from all other similarity that we have I am not surprised with this one. I am little laid back in replying to posts and comments as something is keeping me busy. When the project will conclude will share with you.

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    1. Hola my busy bee friend. I understand you have a lot on your shoulders. You are a blogger, a working woman, a photography and food enthusiast and most importantly a mother of a toddler. (I hope I did not miss out on anything). That explains it all. Someday, like thorough professionals, we will block our calendars and fix up an exclusive meeting and tell the rest of the world to wait on us.


  4. Hey am a daddy blogger ! My new born was my inspiration to blog ! I have come over through Write Tribe . Good to hear that you get positive vibes through blogging. All the best.

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    1. I am so glad we have a daddy blogger around us. While mummy bloogers are in herds, daddy bloggers are niche. I would love to read more on Ishaan Chronicles.
      By the way, we all are hypocrites in some way or the other but it takes a lot of courage to declare yourself as one, publicly. Sheer Audacity.


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