My word for the year 2015…..

When Dhruv was less than 1 yr old , he (just like any other baby) frequently fell sick. I used to stress out alot because I was not able to tend to him as I could not take frequent leaves from my work place. With his every bout of sickness I imagined like it is the end of the world and this would push me into the vicious circle of negativity. Some part of this negativity was also injected into my nervous system courtesy the grown up women in my house who were somehow always inclined to see the danger and the fearful part in every aspect. I, now, wonder whether fear, negativity, ignorance are all the patented domain of the women.

3 and a half years down the line Dhruv has turned out to be perfectly fine.

Looking back, I realise one thing that could have saved a lot of my energy and my job (which i gave up owing to the high stress though I have never repented that decision anyday) would have been positivity. Positivity could have helped me in visualising light at the end of the dark tunnel, rhetoric as it may sound. Though its never too late. Life will continue to throw new challenges, the people around me will continue to pose negative behaviour still what will be important for me will be to hold a positive demeanour but internally.

The next time I find Dhruv refusing to have his veggies or milk, I would remind myself be positive. There will not be any serious health concerns for him and if I maintain peaceful and consistent efforts he will some day start eating healthy. He will turn out fine.

The next time I find Dhruv hesitant and struggling to speak english (english not being our 1st language), I would remind myself be positive.His present handicap in english would not hold him back in life. He is just 3 and a half and he has a long way to go. He will turn out fine.

The next time I find Dhruv’s teacher raising a concern about his pencil grip and his inability to write and draw, I would remind myself be positive. He is just taking his own time. He will turn out fine.

The next time I find Dhruv being scared of the high slide, the witch sitting outside our bedroom’s window, the late night spooky sounds our neighbours make etc etc, I would remind myself be positive. He is developing emotions and he just needs my comforting. He would not remain scared for lifetime.. He will turn out fine.

My word for the year 2015 is ‘Positive’.


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Will you share with me what is that one word which will guide you sail through 2015?

12 thoughts on “My word for the year 2015…..

    • the bespectacled mother says:

      Transformation is an even better word. I would love to know your thought process behind choosing your word of the year. Looking forward to read your post about it.


      • ellytreehugger AKA elly stornebrink says:

        That’s a good question and I’m not sure I remember, other than words come to me intuitively a lot. I got another word yesterday and wondered if that should replace ‘transformation’ – is that doubt or fear? Perhaps as I think I have a lot to live up to this year! 😉 ❤


  1. The Champa Tree says:

    I feel just the same. My son is all of 8 months but I can totally understand how you must have felt when Dhruv was all of 1. Negativity is so instilled in our thought process. Guess it comes so naturally to a mother. Infact, we have excelled in this skill and it amazes me HOW WELL?!? There are days when we are so bogged down with the thought of how the day will turn out (especially post a sneeze or a bout of crankiness being thrown around by our LOs). The entire day goes wasted counting the sneezes. Life comes to an end. Your post is a great reminder that at the end it will turn out fine..things will turn out fine..our kids will turn out fine!

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    • the bespectacled mother says:

      So true Vaishali. Steering our thought process to the thought that things will eventually turn out fine will save so much of our energy. There will be a lot of battles coming our way with respect to our LOs and pausing and taking a deep breath will help a lot.


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