Dads and postpartum depression

This morning, after hitting the publish button on my new blog, I picked up the newspaper and pulled out the sunday supplement.

Guess what did I find?

It was an article about the postpartum depression in dads. I could not believe it. Until now, I felt it was just me in our household who went through this depression phase for a long time. Everywhere I ventured, in the real and virtual space, I found lots of women like me who experienced the similar situations and emotions as me. This made me feel better for I was not alone. Speaking and reaching out helped me.

Oblivious to us, there are equally important members of our demographics, the fathers, who are not speaking up and are suffering in silence. No wonder they are even aware of this syndrome or understand the new emotions they are going through. So when you dont know what is going on inside, you lay the blame outside on the other person, the wife and mother who is also doing the same thing.

Dads its time you know your emotions andĀ speak up.




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