What does it take to stay in love?


What does it take to stay in love

even after a decade?

there has to be something more than …..

the memory of the initial days of passionate love

the songs sung to the loved ones into the darkness of sleepy world

the gifts showered in the name of anniversaries

the respect for each other’s dreams

the forgiveness for each other’s mistakes

the ego-less making up after all the fights

the commitment to stay together

Is it all the above

Or is it just the soul connection

This brings me to think now

what is really a soul connection?

In the month of Novemebr, 2 of my blogger friends Shweta and Vinitha celebrated their 10 years of relationships with their husbands and are indeed blessed to feel love in the air still after a decade of togetherness. My heartiest best wishes to both of them.

Shweta blogs at The Sinhas at 302. You can read about her decade long love filled journey here.

Vinitha blogs at Reflections and Void Thoughts. You can read about her decade long love filled journey here.

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  1. Thank you for the mention, Anamika. That’s a nice poem; what is a soul connection? It takes time to find the answer, doesn’t it, probably a life time! 🙂


    1. Frankly speaking, though my intentions were good but I think the poem was a very naive effort. Not the outcome I would have liked it to be.


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