The Connection named Motherhood

10 years back –

Orkut mania hit India.

People went crazy searching for old long lost classmates, batchmates, school mates, ex-collegues etc etc and adding them to their friend lists.

During those times, A1 contacted B2 and sent a friend request. B2 gave it a thought if she can be friends with A1 but, out of courtesy, accepted the friend request. A1 was socially very active making a lot of status updates each and every day. Her ever frequent status updates kept claiming a major part of B2’s Orkut home page sometimes creating irritability factor in B2.

One day, A1 contacted B2 on Google chat to know more about the latter –

A1 asked “What work do you do?”

B2 answered “Finance.”

A1 enquired inquisitively “What in Finance do you exactly do?”

B2, compelled by her non-existent sense of humour, replied “I finance my own expenses.”

And, then the chat got stalled abruptly.

A few days later B2 realised something was missing from her orkut profile’s home page. It was A1’s updates. She checked her friend list and she could not find A1. She went to A1’s profile and found limited access. As intelligent as was she, she understood she had been struck off of A1’s list of friends. RCA was undertaken. B2, after a few rounds of analysis of what could have gone wrong and intially playing the blame labeling on her final reply in the stalled chat, settled for a more macro level reason – Both, A1 and B2, had no connection.

Alas!! No Connection

15-20 years back –

A1 and B2 were studying in the same class but different sections.

Different sections meant they never had any form of communication while in school.

Both were very distinct personalities.

A1 was an extrovert. B2 was shy and an introvert.

A1 was sporty. B2 was a bookworm.

A1 was smart. B2 was a simpleton.

A1 had many friends. B2 practically had none.

In short, there was no connection between them. And none of them cared about each other’s existence in this world. The idea and the possiblity that they could be friends someday, that they could be sharing something someday was like earth emitting heat and light to the Sun….impossible.

Year 2014 beginning-

A1 and B2 are picking and sticking up their pieces after being shattered by the force of a meteorite alike – pregnancy and child birth. They are fighting seemingly lone battles within themselves, between being A1 and B2 respectively and being a mother. Obviously, they are completely unaware of each other’s emotions.

It happens. A1 publishes a blog about her warrior (read:motherhood) tales. B2 comes across it. And the impossible connection establishes between them in the account of throwing away the TV remote control hard into the face of the enemy (read: the other aloof family member/members). Did A1 really threw it? B2 was left imagining what guts would it take to do such a thing actually since she could carry it out only internally.

Once again a social networking site comes into the picture, Facebook.

Once again A1 sends friend request to B2. B2 responds and wastes no time in making it clear to A1 that she connects with A1 over motherhood.

Another connection is blogosphere. While B2 blogs about motherhood, A1 blogs about various topics including motherhood. Both exchange their notes and comments over each other’s blogs.

Over their maiden phone call, they both spoke to each other as if they have always known each other inside out.

Hope this connection stays for a long time.

Fingers crossed.

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How True!!!

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  1. Here the plan was to keep A1 completely in wraps, the link would have exposed A1. The anniversary blog post will definitely carry a thank u note 😀


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